10 Gorgeous Blunt Cut Haircuts That Are Trendy and Timeless

Searching for a hairdo that is stylish and in vogue? Why not attempt a dull cut! Very trendy and restless, this intense ‘do flaunt new, solid-looking strands. The best part is that it’s fit to all face shapes and hair surfaces. From a charming, wavy weave to a striking, long style there’s a possibility for everybody. So in case you’re prepared to take a stab at something strong and new, read on to discover our number one different ways to wear a dull cut.

Some Basic Question:

Yes, you can still have layers with a blunt hair cut. Your hairdresser can cut internal layers through the midsection of your hair to take out extra bulk and weight. Doing this means the top layer is still one length, and the ends are still blunt — it’s the best of both worlds.

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