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15 Best Essential Oil Brands (2022 List)

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Essential oils have been used as homeopathic remedies since ancient Egyptian times. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that can reduce stress and anxiety, aid in digestion and nausea relief, stop headaches, mitigate menstrual cramps, give you energy, help you sleep and boost your immune system. With endless health benefits, quality essential oils can be added to a diffuser, applied in a hot shower or bath, or rolled directly onto the skin for their therapeutic effects.

When it comes to quality and purity, the best essential oil brands make products with all-natural, organic ingredients for a clean formula that will improve your well-being. With so many strong and great smelling options on the market, it can be a challenge finding reputable companies that offer pure essential oils made from plant extracts, herbs, fruits and other natural sources.

To help you find the right products, we’ve compiled a list of the best essential oil brands. From Plant Therapy to Vitruvi, explore these top-rated essential oil companies to find pure and clean products you’ll love.

Essential Oil Brands

Best Essential Oil Brands

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is one of the most popular essential oil brands on the market and makes high-quality organic products that are safe to use on adults and kids. Whether you’re just experimenting with oils or been using them for years, this company has everything you need. Enjoy seasonal blends like Harvest Moon and Maple Leaf, and check out their curated sets, like the Kid Safe set and the Plant Lover set. Their roll-on oils can do everything from clearing your sinuses to providing energy and rejuvenation for the day.

Plant Therapy

Fabulous Frannie

Fabulous Frannie offers 100% pure essential oils without any additives or dilutants, providing you with therapeutic-grade products that can be diffused and topically applied. The company focuses on formulating vegan, cruelty-free and all-natural essential oils, making these products an excellent option for you and the environment. Fabulous Frannie makes all of their essential oils and other great products in small batches to ensure quality. Safe and gentle on your skin, this brand is perfect for body care as well as cleansing the air in your home.

Fabulous Frannie

Edens Garden

Edens Garden is a reputable essential oils company that delivers a range of product lines, including Amyris, black pepper and clementine. This natural wellness brand offers a collection of synergy blends for meeting your many needs during a busy day. Made 100% pure and without any fillers or harmful chemicals, there are oils and scents designed specifically to help with pain, skincare, mood improvement, and general wellness. Edens Garden is a woman-owned business that has thrived for over a decade by offering up aromatherapy options for adults and children alike, with a child-friendly line featuring scents like lemon and rose. You can also purchase essential oil sets, which are perfect for adding to your collection or gifting to a friend.

Eden’s Garden

Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils is a top-rated essential oils brand that makes unique and exciting scents like myrtle and lavender Bulgaria. There’s something for everyone, with essential oil roll-ons and organics, and even a kid’s line for those with more sensitive skin. As one of the most reputable brands around, the company also provides the resources you need for safe oil application and diffuser use, as well as guides to help you determine which oil to use and how much. With some of the best reviews and ratings on the market, try RMO’s immune boosters, purifiers, and relaxers to get started.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Revive Essential Oils

Revive Essential Oils may be relatively new to the aromatherapy industry, but their wide collection of scents and essential oil accessories has proven to be popular essential oil users. Purchase collections of six lovely essential oils for your diffuser and begin feeling the calming, relaxing effects of these pure products. You’ll find classic scents, like peppermint and lavender, and more unique ones like Summer of Love, which can help to reduce head and neck tension and relieve inflammation.

Revive Essential Oils

Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Aura Cacia Essential Oils makes pure and certified organic oil products, which means you can trust they’ll be safe and soothing on your skin. The jasmine absolute oil can calm and uplift, where the clove bud oil is perfect for giving your home a calming aura with positive energy.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Now Solutions

Now Solutions is one of the most trusted essential oil makers in the world and makes enjoying their therapeutic-grade oil products easy and safe. They recommend hot, scented baths, direct application, inhalation, and even home cleansing with their oils. In addition to your favorite classic scents like peppermint and eucalyptus, they also offer special blends for peace and harmony, morning energy, restful sleep, and mental focus. Pick between several sized bottles, so you can have your essential oils at home and on the go.

Now Solutions

Young Living

Young Living has formulated many high-quality essential oils that come in beautiful, artistic bottles that reflect the artistry and care of the brand. This company is dedicated to making 100% pure and organic essential oil products to help with different ailments. Try out the joy essential oil for perking up your mood and energy, and the calming scent for soothing and relaxing. They also have oils and scents for kids and gift boxes for family and friends.

Young Living Essential Oils

Art Naturals

As one of the largest and most popular brands on the market, Art Naturals makes amazing essential oils that are 100% pure, vegan and cruelty-free. Their carrier oils contain no synthetic additives, and their plant-based nature means they’re smooth and moisturizing on your skin. You can also find beautiful oil diffusers from Art Naturals that will look lovely in any home. Their lemongrass oil is excellent for managing joint pain, particularly in colder months, and try pine needle for an early morning wake-up and productive day.

Art Naturals Essential Oils

Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions offers your favorite classic essential oil scents like cinnamon and ginger as well as healing blends for joy, health shielding immunity, peaceful sleep, and headache relief. They offer beginner’s sets with all you need to get started on your oil journey, as well as sets for rejuvenation, calming, and skin relaxation.

Healing Solutions Essential Oils

Plant Guru

Plant Guru offers all your favorite essential oil scents as well as the accessories that make it easy to relax, sleep, rejuvenate and defend your health. Pick between sets of six or fourteen oils, and bring oils with you in beautiful oil diffuser necklaces. The eucalyptus oil is essential for treating skin wounds like blisters and burns or even insect bites, but it can also be used to fight colds and illnesses.

Plant Guru Essential Oils


Made with quality natural ingredients, DoTerra is a well-known and trusted brand with thousands of happy customers who have enjoyed the calming, energizing, and fortifying effects of essential oils with blends for respiratory health, serenity, and balance. A Family Essential Kit comes with ten unique certified pure oil blends that will help improve and maintain health and wellness for the whole family by treating bites, burns, and cuts, as well as reducing sinus pain and the effects of allergies.

DoTerra Essential Oils


Vitruvi creates pure premium essential oils that are as beautiful on the outside as they are healing and beneficial on the inside. With a classic apothecary design, these oils come in scents and blends like grapefruit, cedarwood, and geranium. Get a collection designed for beginners just learning the benefits of aromatherapy or enjoy sets of their main scents, like spruce and lavender. From Vitruvi, you’ll also be able to purchase the diffusers you need to enjoy your oils properly.

Vitruvi Essential Oils

Saje Natural Wellness

Saje Natural Wellness makes it easy to get high-quality essential oils and accessories. Their collections are lush and chic, with stylish applicators and carrying cases that make for beautiful gifts. Their pain relief blend helps with muscle aches, joint pain, and arthritis, and try the deep breathing oil for sinus pain and congestion relief.

Saje Natural Wellness

Jade Bloom

Jade Bloom sells top-rated all-natural essential oils made from non-GMO raw materials, making the company’s product line great for your family and the environment. The resources are selectively sourced and the highest quality on the market, and you can enjoy therapeutic healing qualities from every Jade Bloom product. With these essential oils, you’ll be able to combat viruses by boosting your immunity, get more done, with improved productivity scents, and feel calmer and more focused.

Jade Bloom Essential Oils

Which Essential Oil Brands Are Pure?

Brands that make pure essential oils include Rocky Mountain Oils, Fabulous Frannie, Art Naturals, Young Living, Revive, Plant Therapy, Aura Cacia, and dōTERRA.

Essential oils can help to boost your mood, reduce your stress, relieve pain, and make every night’s sleep calm, and peaceful. Try peppermint for digestion, rose for anxiety, and lemon for headaches, and explore these wonderful brands for the scents and blends that will help you to feel your best every day.

Pure Essential Oils

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