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15 Trendy Hime Cut Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind

At any point saw the haircut of your #1 female anime character? Indeed, it is the Japanese illustrious hime cut that has been assuming control over the universe of movement nowadays and we are almost certain that you have additionally enjoyed it a great deal as of now. Despite the fact that the well established hair style existed some time before even the bangs acquired ubiquity, it has been acquiring worldwide acknowledgment these days as an advanced pattern for adding a new, stylish turn to the ordinary relaxed look. Thus, in the event that you are prepared to receive some trendy yet adorable changes to your locks, just don’t miss the thoughts given beneath for the most complimenting hime trim hairdos. Stay tuned.

15 Most Flattering Hime Cut Hairstyles

Based on the length of sidelocks, the hime cut can be of different types. But women, these days, are widely experimenting with this regal hairstyle to make their casual looks big and versatile. So, here are the 15 most flattering hime cut hairstyles that you can sport to look uber chic:

1. Classic Hime Cut

A traditional hime hair cut consists of a long straight bunch of hair along with two sidelocks lying up to the jawline and a straight fringe set across the forehead. As you can see, the frontal fringe stops right above the eyebrows while the long hair can go up to the waistline or even more.

Classic Hime Cut

2. Ultra-Black Hime

If you are a true hime lover, this ultra-black version of the hairstyle will certainly amaze you. The gleaming texture of the locks can amp up your glamor quotient quite easily. Moreover, the slightly inward shape of the fringe adds an extra zing to it.

Ultra-Black Hime

3. Baby Doll Hime

Well, this cute hime hairstyle is not only meant for your little princess. You can also sport it stylishly if you have a round to oval face and a comparatively shorter hair. Just do not let your sidelocks cross your cheekbones. This vintage take on the hime cut looks straight out of manga while drawing attention to your facial features.

Baby Doll Hime


4. Long Straight Hime

Here is a slightly modified version of the classic hime cut that looks fresh and utterly dapper. Even though most of the hair is kept long and straight in this style, the sidelocks should be no longer than chin-length. This will ensure that the charm of contrastive graduation is not lost. Also, keep the frontal fringe and the sidelocks equally thick to create more volume. Do not miss the dark brown streak too!

Long Straight Hime

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5. Long Wavy Hime

Straight hair is a vital feature of a hime cut. But what about breaking the rule and going wavy while still maintaining all other characteristics of the princess cut? Check out this super casual style and get inspired! The messy fringe and the wispy long waves have made the style even more outstanding.

Long Wavy Hime

6. Curtained Brown Hime

Those who want to get a hime cut but dislike its sharpness should go for this distinct hairstyle. It features the typical ‘curtained hair’ sported by men in a more girlish way with the long hair and the curved long fringe. Keep the sidelocks all the way down to the chin for accentuating the jawline. Also, take the style up a notch by coloring your hair fully light brown.

Curtained Brown Hime

7. Thick Layered Hime

This cool and chic modification of traditional hime cut is perfect for thick hair to show off its volume. As you can see, the straight frontal fringe has become short and blunt here. Also, starting from the sidelocks, the rest of the hair is cut into multiple well-defined layers for a flawless face-framing finish. Just make sure that each layer of your locks stays distinctive yet perfectly blended with the rest of the hair.

Thick Layered Hime

8. Hime Cut Bob

Though long back tresses are the signature feature of a traditional hime cut, it pairs great with a trendy bob too.  In this hairstyle, the side locks frame the face with the length of graduation in a fascinatingly beautiful way. However, a hime bob does not come with a frontal fringe.

Hime Cut Bob

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9. Hime Cut LoB

Hime-cut lovers can also go for a stylish long bob (LoB) to look absolutely brilliant. In fact, it is one of the most sought after hime cut hairstyles you can see around yourself. Just try to keep the ends of your locks a little curved in while maintaining the rest of the hair soft and slightly wavy.

Hime Cut LoB

10. Hime Cut Ponytail

Do you want to add a zing to your regular ponytail? Get a hime cut today! It will make your boring ponytail a chic and versatile one almost instantly. Keep your frontal fringe long and blunt and do not let the sidelocks go beyond your cheekbones. A little curved-in shape of the sidelocks will frame your face wonderfully.

Hime Cut Ponytail

11. Hime Cut Pigtails

If you want to rock your hime haircut just like most female anime characters, simply go for pigtails. In this easy and cute hairstyle, the fringe and the sidelocks will not only stand out but also frame your face nicely. Keeping the sidelocks thicker than usual and curling up the ends will add more dimension to the hairstyle.

Hime Cut Pigtails

12. Double Sidelocks Hime

Double up your hairstyling game with this simple yet lovely double sidelocks hime cut. Cut the first sidelock at your cheek-length and create one more step a little lower. The first one should always be more prominent than the second one. This will add depth and charm to your graduated and defined look.

Double Sidelocks Hime

13. Tapered Hime Cut

How about trying something opposite to the drastic hair contrast sported by most women with a traditional hime cut? All you need to do is get your hair tapered at the edges. This will add a soft touch to the hair and make it easier for different sections to blend smoothly.

Tapered Hime Cut

14. Thin Bang Hime

Thin, light, and manageable front bang makes it stand apart from other hime cut hairstyles. It gives a gentle frame to the face without overlapping the eyebrows. Furthermore, the thin frontal fringe can be styled very easily to take the entire appearance to a whole new level.

Thin Bang Hime

15. Anime Hime Cut

Finally, here is a brilliant anime hime cut idea that will make you remember lots of anime series that you used to watch in your childhood. You will certainly be stunned to see the resembles caused by the pointed and perfectly structured locks!

Anime Hime Cut

What is the Hime Cut?

The ‘hime cut’ or ‘hime katto’ is a well-known Japanese hairstyle that combines blunt, cheek-length sidelocks and face-framing frontal fringes with long, straight hair. During the Heian Period of Japanese history, the noble women in the Imperial court used to grow out their hair while maintaining the bangs eyebrow-length and the sidelocks cheek-length (1). Being a privilege of Japanese imperial and royal families, it got famous as the ‘princess cut’ throughout the country as well as the rest of the world.

Nowadays, the hime cut hairstyle has become a part of ‘Gothic Lolita’ subculture, especially within the elegant gothic lolita (EGL) community. It has also become widely popular with K-pop celebrities in South Korea 

The Specialty of the Hime Cut

The hime cut hairstyle is basically a combination of two Japanese hairstyles called ‘amasogi’ and ‘binsogi’. The amasogi is a blunt shoulder-length fringe haircut that dates back to the imperial times of the Heian period. On the other hand, binsogi is a special haircut that includes chin-length sidelocks. It is named after the ‘coming-of-age’ ceremony (when the person turns 20) of the princess during which the hair around the ears is cut.

How to Maintain Hime Cut Hairstyles?

Hime cut hairstyles are much more elegant than many other trendy hairstyles that require excessive, heating, curling, and crimping. But it needs proper maintenance to keep the hair cut at different lengths in proper shape and structure. Women with wavy or curly hair may find it even more difficult to maintain as regular trimming, straightening, and touch-ups are necessary for this. However, it is much easier for those with naturally straight hair. Just trim the hair regularly and you are done.


The ‘hime cut’ or ‘hime katto’ is a Japanese hairstyle that features blunt, cheek-length sidelocks, face-framing frontal fringes, and long, straight back hair. It is basically a combination of two hairstyles named ‘amasogi’ and ‘binsogi’. Being a privilege of Japanese imperial and royal families, hime cut is also known as the ‘princess cut’. Nowadays, it has become a part of ‘Gothic Lolita’ subculture and K-pop community in South Korea. Some of the most flattering hime cut hairstyles include classic hime cut, ultra-black hime, baby doll hime, long straight hime, long wavy hime, curtained brown hime, thick layered hime, hime cut bob and LoB, Hume cut ponytail, hime cut pigtails, souble sidelocks hime, thin bang hime, anime hime cut, and many more. These  hairstyles are much more elegant than many other trendy hairstyles that require excessive, heating, curling, and crimping. But it needs proper maintenance to keep the hair cut at different lengths in proper shape and structure.

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