200 Best Incredible Spine Tattoos Design & Ideas

Spine tattoos hurt and are among the most painful locations to get inked because of the nerves, thin skin, and proximity to bone. This can be part of the appeal, with the area reserved for the daring and brave who are not afraid of the pain. Ink here is surprisingly versatile, lending itself well to long and narrow designs, like a snake or rose, but also small and dainty designs. It is also effortless to cover up, which makes showing it off even more special and sexy. There are some drawbacks though, if you need an operation in this area, have spine or back issues, or require an epidural during childbirth, these are concerns to keep in mind. For inspiration on your next tattoo, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this great spot.

Some Basic Question on Incredible Spine Tattoos Design

Spine tattoos do hurt, and are considered one of the most painful locations because of the thin skin, the number of nerves, and the proximity to bone. The area is considered high on the pain scale, but your chosen design will also impact your discomfort. If you opt for a large and detailed piece that requires several hours to complete, this will hurt much more than a small and simple design.

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