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30 Cheap Christmas Decorations You Can DIY

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30 Cheap Christmas Decorations You Can DIY

Christmas time is such a joyful time of year. But with all the gift-giving, it can leave our bank accounts a little lacking which means cutting back on other luxuries.

cheap christmas decorations

Namely, decorating. Maybe you had your eye on a particular new holiday decor addition and you’re feeling a little disappointed that it’s just not in the budget this month.

Cheap Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is a happy and cheerful time and enjoying adding all the festive decorations and ornaments shouldn’t break the bank. There are some really overpriced decorations out there but there are even more cool things you can get for very cheap. Here are some ideas:

Dried citrus garland for ChristmasView in gallery

Make awesome things out of twigs

Getting a bunch of twigs shouldn’t be hard this time of the year. Gather a few and bring them home. You can then turn them into all sorts of cute and cheap Christmas decorations like stars and mini trees. You can also combine them with other things to make original ornaments.

Fill transparent baubles with greenery

You should also be able to easily find this sort of transparent Christmas baubles in stores and they should be pretty cheap. They’re excellent for Christmas-related DIY projects. Fill them with greenery and sorts of other things to make unique and custom ornaments that you can hang in the tree this year.

Turn cookie cutters into ornaments

Do you know what else could look cool in the Christmas tree or just hanging around the house? Cookie cutters. That’s right, these are great if you want some cheap Christmas decorations that fit the theme. If you can find some cookie cutters shapes like Christmas trees, stars or gingerbread men you can definitely make something cute with them.

A Christmas tree made of wood

Natural Christmas trees are always overpriced plus they’re not the most eco-friendly of decorations. If you want something different that’s also cheap, perhaps you’d enjoy putting together a mini tree using bits of driftwood. Give it a sturdy base like a block of concrete or a planter filled with soil or sand. You can also decorate it just like you would a regular Christmas tree.

Turn yard into beautiful decorations

A ball of yarn costs close to nothing but you can make a ton of unique and priceless ornaments from it. These are not just cheap Christmas decorations but also really great additions to a rustic or farmhouse-inspired Christmas tree. To make them just wrap yarn in a coil and use glue to help it keep its shape.

DIY Cheap Christmas Decoration Ideas

We’ve all been there. Instead of bringing about the lack of, let’s put our creative do-it-yourself brains to work. There are lots of ways we can add some Christmas cheer to our homes without the price tag.

Take a look at these 30 cheap Christmas decorations that you can DIY yourself and get started!

Custom tiny Christmas trees in pots

DIY Pastel Christmas Table Top CentrepieceView in gallery

Christmas trees don’t necessarily have to be green, especially if you’re crafting them from scratch. You can really let your imagination guide you and come up with fantastic designs, like this one which uses pastel colors and looks absolutely adorable.

You can make this miniature Christmas tree yourself using a tiny pot, white ribbon, a pencil, tiny pinecones, some styrofoam, fabric, beads and a glue gun. Check out the detailed tutorial on diys to find out more.

Simple paper angles that even kids can make

Kids Craft for ChristmasView in gallery

Paper crafts are a lot of fun and a lot of them are easy enough for kids to do them as well. A cute idea for a Christmas project can be to make paper angels that can be then hanged in the tree or displayed around the house. You can find detailed instructions on diys explaining how it’s done. You’ll need paper, markers, pine cleaners, scissors, a glue stick and some yarn.

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Painted wooden discs with cute designs

Wood Slice Craft For ChristmasView in gallery

You can usually find wooden discs at craft stores or you can order them online and they’re great for all sorts of DIY projects including these cute ornaments that you can make for Christmas. You only need some paint in a few different colors and paintbrushes to draw cute designs on the wooden slices.

You can also use a dotting tool for a few of the details like the snow in this case. Check out this project on diys for more information.

A peculiar use for wooden cotton reels and maps


This particular project makes use of a few rather unusual materials: wooden cotton reels, buttons, beads and maps. With these things you can make some really nice Christmas ornaments that have a retro look and that you can either keep for yourself or offer as a gift. Check out all the details on pillarboxblue to find out how to put these things together.

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Minimalist Christmas tree ornaments made of clay

DIY Concrete and PlasterView in gallery

How about something simple, some Christmas decorations that are nice and plain but still look interesting and stylish? You can make something like this out of plaster or clay and you can make them in any color you prefer.

We really like the look of these white ones featured on thecraftygentleman. A really cool idea mentioned here is that if you don’t have molds for the clay you can make some out of raw potatoes. Just cut out a slice and then carve out the shape into it using a cookie cutter.

The Grinch made from a plastic spoon

Spoon Grinch Christmas OrnamentView in gallery

A Grinch or two could look interesting as Christmas decorations and the way in which you can make these is with spoons, pom-poms, paint and construction paper. You paint the spoons green, draw faces on them, then make tiny hats and clothes out of paper and pom-poms and you glue them on. It’s all explained in more detail on thejoysharing if you’re interested.

Mini pom-pom Christmas trees with popsicle stick trunks

Pom Pom Christmas Tree OrnamentView in gallery

Pom-poms can be in tons of projects and the one featured on thejoysharing is very simple. Take 8 pom-poms (or more depending on the size) and glue them together in the shape of a Christmas tree or on a piece of paper. Attach a popsicle stick as the trunk and cut out a little start to put up the top.

3D printed Snowflake ornaments

Floating Snowflake OrnamentView in gallery

If by any chance you have access to a 3D printer you could use that to make some interesting and unique Christmas decorations. For example, check out this floating snowflake decoration featured on instructables. The trick is to use tulle to connect the loop and the snowflake and to make it seem like it’s floating. This can potentially be done without a 3D printer so keep the idea in mind.

Retro mini trees made from sticks and twigs

DIY Twig Christmas TreeView in gallery

Miniature Christmas trees are a lot of fun to make and can be crafted from a lot of different materials. For example, you can use a few twigs from your own backyard. Cut them into pieces so you can arrange them in the shape of a Christmas tree and attach the tree to a wooden disc so it can stand upright. Check out the tutorial on diys for more detailed instructions.

Custom snow globes featuring toy animals

Animal BaublesView in gallery

Aren’t these animal baubles adorable? You can hang them in the tree or display them on a shelf or on the table and they can be personalized in tons of different ways. If you don’t like using toy animals you can go with a different theme for your baubles. You can also use a similar technique to make snow globes. Check out this project on thethingsshemakes to find out more about it.

Felt ornaments in all shapes and colors

Felt Christmas Ornaments patternsView in gallery

Felt in any color can be used to make various Christmas ornaments in different shapes and sizes. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to make custom decorations and you can find various patterns that you can use for them or you can come up with your own designs. The bell featured on ohohdeco is one of our favorites.

Cheap Christmas decorations from old pairs of jeans


These patchwork star decorations are made from old pairs of jeans. You can potentially also make something similar out of other types of fabric as well but the denim looks rather interesting here. Try to gather denim pieces in different shades to give your stars more character.

Also, remember to take out the metal buttons so you can reuse them and place them at the center of your stars. Check out the full tutorial for this on pillarboxblue.

Colorful decorations from yarn leftovers

DIY Faux Woven OrnamentsView in gallery

Yarn is also amazing for making adorable custom ornaments. There’s so many possibilities and so many different designs that you can make and you can find a few of them on lostmom. They make use of a bunch of different yarn types in different colors and they’re really cute. These would make wonderful gifts for someone you care about but of course you can also keep them for yourself.

Cute handmade Christmas stockings

Rudolph christmas stocking pattern scratchandstitch 360x540@2xView in gallery

You can also make your own custom Christmas stockings from scratch and you can give them cute designs. These ones featured on scratchandstitch are customized with a cute Santa, snowman and Rudolf and they’re easy to make using fleece fabric and various scraps.

You can add more details to them or come up with own new designs based on what you love or what each family member is interested in.

Gingerbread cookies for everyone

cinnamon Christmas Tree OrnamentsView in gallery

Whether you’re in the cookie baking game or not, you’ll enjoy whipping up these delicious-smelling ornaments to hang on your tree and everywhere else.

They only require two ingredients and a few hours to bake which means you can easily make batches and batches for yourself and all your family.

A different kind of wreath made of metallic paper

Silver metallic Christmas WreathView in gallery

Some of the best DIYs are the ones you can make while doing something else too. While you’re watching your favorite Christmas special, put together this simple lovely wreath for your front door. Just a few sheets of metallic paper and a craft ring and you’re all set.

Christmas window lights with a surprise inside

Window Christmas Stars GarlandView in gallery

Everyone puts up lights of some kind during the holidays. Take your indoor strands to the next level by adding some glowing stars to your string. Most likely, the only thing you’d need to buy for this project is the metallic stars to put inside.

Popsicle stick stars made from scratch

Dipe dyed metallic candlesView in gallery

Thankfully stars are one of the easiest most festive shapes to create for Christmas. With popsicle sticks and glue, you can make lots of them to hang on the tree or in your windows or even on your front porch.

Scrabble tiles turned into festive Christmas decorations

DIY scrabble phrases ornamentsView in gallery

Scrabble is a fun game but often when pieces go missing, it’s left at the thrift store or in the back of the closet. Give those letters a new purpose by making them into ornaments that display fun Christmas phrases.

Homemade candles for a cozy Christmas

DIY rolled beeswax candlesView in gallery

People seem to burn more candles around Christmas time because they make a space feel so warm and homey. Instead of spending a fortune on your wicks, roll your own all natural beeswax candles that will make any surface feel infinitely cozier.

Simple white candles dipped in paint

Dipe dyed metallic candlesView in gallery

Have you checked your candle stash lately? You might very well already have some white candles that have been barely used or even brand new. Dip those tapers in some metallic paint to give them a whole new Christmas look.

Snowglobe ornaments for a nostalgic Christmas

DIY christmas snow globesView in gallery

Who doesn’t love a tiny Christmas snow globe? While you can easily spend big bucks on them, all the materials to make these little beauties can be found and thrift and dollar stores. You’ll probably want to get extras for gifts too.

Scented garlands that you can make at home

Dried citrus garland for ChristmasView in gallery

Something’s just missing when a home doesn’t smell like holiday spice. Get some oranges and cinnamon sticks next time you’re at the grocery and spend a day making these beautiful scented garlands. Every room in your home needs one.

Bringing the cheer with Christmas-themed accent pillows

Decorate with Christmas Throw PillowsView in gallery

Christmas pillows can really give a lift to your living room’s decor during the holidays. But instead of dishing out for new cushions, make your own templates and personalize your pillows using the craft supplies you already have.

Evergreen wall ornament with copper accents

DIY simple copper twig wreathView in gallery

Bringing nature indoors is always a nice touch during the holidays since the decor revolves around evergreens. You can use a twig and a copper pipe piece to create a simple and unique wreath for any empty spot in your home.

A knitted Christmas phrase for an empty wall

DIY merry finger knitted signView in gallery

Need a simple project for those cold evenings when you’d rather stay home than attend the Christmas party? Grab a ball of yarn and use your fingers to knit a cozy Christmas phrase or word you can hang on your wall.

Minimalistic cone trees in any color

DIY yarn christmas treesView in gallery

If you can’t get your knitting act together, no worries. Just wrap that yarn around a cone to make a fun colorful Christmas tree. It’s so easy, you can make yourself a little forest of trees in any colors you choose.

Another festive use for Scrabble letters

DIY star scrabble message boardView in gallery

Everyone is all into the letter board game right now. If an actual letter board is out of your price range, make one yourself using an old Scrabble game. Simply glue the letter holders to a Christmas shape and then use the tiles to make your words as you see fit.

A beautiful Christmas project made from scrap wood

DIY pallet lights christmas treeView in gallery

Wondering how you can use the scrap wood in your shed for a Christmas project? Screw them together and use a bit of leftover paint to put a Christmas tree on it. Whether you do the star or not, you definitely need to add the lights because what’s a tree without the lights?

Updated cork board with a cheerful look

DIY office christmas moodboardView in gallery

Maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to even buy all your gifts this year, let alone decorate. Don’t despair. Time to update your cork board or empty kitchen corner. Use all those holiday Christmas cards to decorate! Add a string of lights, maybe an ornament from the tree and a swatch of your favorite wrapping paper. You’ll never feel more inspired for Christmas.

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