5 tips to avoid and cure sore throat in winter season

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Ignoring a sore throat is not the way to handle the infection. Try these simple tips to soothe your condition in the winter season.

The winter season welcomes several bacterial infections where people experience chills and barely existing muffled voices. This winter, with the pandemic lurking around the corner, it is important to take care of one’s health. Throat bacterial infections are very common in winters. Hence, it is essential for you to be equipped for it for the sake of your own and your family’s health.

A painful scratchy sensation in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, swollen glands in the neck or jaw, a hoarse or muffled voice are all signs that refer to a throat bacterial infection. This leads to an agitated state of mind, thereby affecting one’s productivity in everyday life.

Here’s a list of 5 tips to deal with throat bacterial infection this winter season:

  1. Maintain respiratory hygiene:

    Respiratory hygiene is one way to prevent a throat infection. Sanitizing hands frequently will help kill the harmful bacteria and maintaining a safe distance from people with an infection will help keep one in the clear. Regular exercises will help boost the body’s immunity to fight the infection.

  2. Gargles:

    Lukewarm water gargles with a pinch of salt in it helps in regulating the blood flow in the pharyngeal region. This washes off the infection and gives the relief that the body craves. This is a traditional method of healing a throat infection that comes in handy at home.

    steam for throat infection
    Steam can help you clear the passage! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

  3. Steam:

    Adding a medical cough suppressant or a natural one like tulsi into the steam will help in opening the nasal and throat area thereby aiding in breathing easily which is a huge relief when one is suffering from a throat infection that has blocked all the nasal channels as well.

  4. Warm and soft food diet:

    Intake of warm fluids will help keep the body hydrated and will also give some relief to the infected and choked throat. A sore throat gives a very painful scratchy sensation in the throat and swallowing hard food over it is something that is not advisable. Hence, soft food will go down the throat easily without causing pain. Food that is lighter on the stomach is advisable.

  5. Refrain from consumption of alcohol and smoking:

    Alcohol and smoking are injurious to health as they can weaken the immune system by making the body vulnerable to climatic changes and various unwanted infections. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

    Keep your distance from smoking. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The last word

A bacterial throat infection is common in winters and people often tend to be negligent about it. Throat infections often result in chronic complications. Therefore It is advisable to consult with a medical expert and discuss the whereabouts to have an understanding about the same. Medical practitioners can suggest several advanced surgical procedures if needed. Hence, one must always seek professional help if the infection lasts for more than a week.

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