6 tips to buy skincare products that are right for you

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Be mindful about buying skincare products! From skin type to expiration date – here’s what you must watch out for on your shopping spree.

Are you someone who puts in too much effort to take care of your skin with a plethora of products, but your skin defies it all? For all you know, you may be choosing your skincare wrong!

Skincare is extremely important but it needs to be practiced correctly for favourable results. However, our conventional wisdom and knowledge may not always be the most reliable source of information when it comes to it.

Skincare problems should be addressed from the root, in order to provide a long-term solution. That’s why it is essential that we pay more attention to our skincare choices.

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad took to Instagram to share a reel about the factors to consider when you go on a skincare shopping spree.

Let us share some of her skincare shopping tips!

1. Skin type

Using products not meant for your skin type may aggravate skin troubles for you. For example, using a face cleanser meant for oily skin while your skin is on the drier side, may strip off essential moisture from your skin and worsen the skin troubles for you.

“Your skincare products will depend on whether your skin is oily, dry, normal, acne-prone, pigmented, combination, or sensitive.” Says Dr Sharad in an excerpt from her post.

Your skincare products depend upon the type of skin you have! Image courtesy: Shutterstock


2.   Skin concern

Depending on our skin type and sensitivity, we all go through certain skin concerns. A few skin issues you may be dealing with are acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, fine lines, saggy skin, eczema, rashes, open pores, redness, and sun damage. Settling down for a skincare product depends on the skin trouble you’re dealing with. For instance, if your skin is highly sensitive to sun damage, all your skincare products should have UV protection in them to provide you with better results.

3.   Climate

Change in climate due to seasonal changes or travel may impact your skin type and alleviate your skin concerns. Skin type changes according to the temperature. For example, normal skin can get dry in winter and oily skin can become normal. Switching your skincare according to the seasons and climate is advised by skin experts.

Use a weather-friendly moisturiser. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

 4.   Hormonal status

Hormones can affect our skin type and skin problems too. If one has PCOS, skin can get oily while a person with hypothyroidism may experience dry skin all the time.

 5.   Medicines

Certain medicines may also cause you skin troubles. People who are administered blood pressure drugs and cholesterol medicines may experience dry skin. Acne ointments like isotretinoin can also turn your skin flaky and dry.

6.   Date of expiry

You must have seen expiration dates on cosmetic labels stating their shelf life. A good skincare brand will undergo accelerated stability testing for their products to ensure their shelf life is longer and no microbial growth happens in their products. One should invest in a skincare product with a longer shelf life to reap benefits from the product until you use up the given quantity.

The last words

Also, refrain from buying a product under peer pressure or for the simple reason that it worked for your friend. We need to understand that each skin type is different and what suits one may not go well on your skin.

These are the multiple factors that should be kept in mind before investing in skincare or else, wrong skincare could lead to the exacerbation of your problem. You need to actively ensure these factors while you shop for skincare to keep your skin healthy.

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