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9 Best Cherry Blossom Nail Art Designs

Japanese people love the cherry blossoms or cherry fruit flowers which look beautiful when they bloom. This impression is seen on different Japanese things like clothes, bags and also on book covers. Now how can one not see these lovely cherry blossoms on the nail arts when Japanese people are famous for their beautiful nail arts? Nail arts in cherry blossom designs look really beautiful. These are mostly done via free hand designs. Don’t worry if you have not tried one yet, we can tell you that these are really easy to create. It won’t require extensive skills in drawing for sure. You can easily do these with a stripper or a nail art brush and some toothpicks.

Cherry Blossom Nail Arts:

Cherry Blossom for the Party:

Cherry Blossom for the PartySave

A party ready idea for the nails can be something like the one above. It’s sweet to look at and really shimmery for a party. You can try this one out with ease. Use striper in white or a nail art designs in white for the branches and some pink colour application with a toothpick can be good enough for the flowers. Try this out!

Water Decal Cherry Blossom Design:

Water Decal Cherry Blossom DesignSave

Mostly cherry blossom designs are created with a free hand. But if you can get held of some good water decals then the whole process becomes very easy. Can you get some nice water decals for your cherry blossoms?

Sponged up Cherry Blossom Free Hand:

Sponged up Cherry Blossom Free Hand


Try out a diagonal running cherry blossom on a sponged base of white and blue from one corner of your nails. The effect of branches makes this nail art look very different and defined. Try it out!

Cherry Blossom Tree Effect Nail Art:

Cherry Blossom Tree Effect Nail ArtSave

Why go for flowers always? Go for the whole tree instead. What we mean is, you can draw up small little cherry blossom trees instead of flowers. Give it some splatter effect of pink colour for the flowers on the branches. Give the foot some grass effect too. Finish off with a glitter or normal transparent polish. Will you try this?

Totally Glittered Cherry Blossom in Acrylic:

Totally Glittered Cherry Blossom in AcrylicSave

Use a high end glitter polish for the nails firstly. Now use acrylic powder to draw up those branches, leaves and flowers using and acrylic brush and mixing medium. Acrylic powder and mixing medium gives you the 3d effect for the flowers.

Easy to Do Cherry Blossom Nail Art:

cherry blossom nail artSave

A nice light blue base colour surely reflects out the best of cherry blossom designs on the nails. You can try out this pattern with a lot of ease using your striper for the branches and some toothpick’s blunt end and a pink polish for the flowers. Use your dotting tool or the end of a toothpick for the black dots inside the flowers.

Tiny Cherry Blossom Nail Designs:

Tiny Cherry Blossom Nail DesignsSave

You can try out tiny cherry blossom designs like this one too. Here you will not need too much to do about the flowers but a few dots will be totally fine. Try it out!

Glittered up Easy Cherry Blossom Nail Design:

Glittered up Easy Cherry Blossom Nail DesignSave

You may sometimes want to give some glittery effect to your nails after creation of the awesome looking easy cherry blossom design like the one above. Will you try it?

Sponged up Cherry Blossom Effect Nail Design:

Sponged up Cherry Blossom Effect Nail DesignSave

You can give this kind of a cherry blossom design a try. It will require you to sponge up two colours viz. Blue and white for the base and then go along your cherry blossom painting with a nail art brush and some toothpicks. Finish off with a top coat.

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