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Best and Latest Bob Haircuts for Black Hair Women

Black bob hairstyles! While the weave hair styles are interminable with a few choices and looks, the dark bounce haircuts have totally turned the game on. They are flexible, regular, and gives an intense appearance consistently. Not to say, the energy and demeanor with a dark sway are unparalleled. Ladies who love the striking and easy look ought to undoubtedly give them a shot!

This rundown of dark weave hair styles and haircuts will give you significant motivation objectives, and we bet you will look for another change post investigating this!

10 Best of the Bob Hairstyles for Black Color Hair Female:

Here are our top ten picks of cute bob hairstyles for black hair. These are elegant, stylish and can easily make you look poised and smart.

Layered Black Bob Hairstyles:

Layered Black Bob Hairstyle

In case you have curly hair and wondering how best you can do the black bob, worry not! Here are the black layered bob hairstyles which one can try out easily. This style is custom look for those with curly hair. Now embrace the curls in style and do not hesitate to chop off your hair if you wish to! Because this curly black bob hairstyle will make you appear stylish, edgy and sleek.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly hair type texture can fit this style well.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Round, square and oval face can fit in this well.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and monsoons are best fit to try out this style.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 20s and 30s can go well in this haircut.
  • Matching Outfit: Casual jeans and tops can look great in this look.
  • Perfect Occasion: Women can wear this during social gatherings or lunch outings.

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The Sleek Bob:

celebrity black Bob haircut

In case you want kind of blunt look of the haircut, then this one is what you should be choosing! This style is professional, elegant and also gives you that vintage and classy vibes without fail. And this is one of the best and popular celebrity bob haircut. You can make it appear stylish and trendy hot or even make it appear formal as you wish. Hence this versatile hairstyle is among the most preferred easily for several reasons!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight hair texture is best preferred to this style.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval and square face shape women can try this hairstyle out.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and winters can go really well in this style.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 30s and 40s can also look radiant and youthful here.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear a blazer and formal shirts with pants to look great in formal wear.
  • Perfect Occasion: Office and formal corporate parties are the best occasions to flaunt this look.

Curly Bob Black Haircut:

Curly Bob Black Hairstyle

Are you looking for another variant of curly bob black haircut? Try out this latest style today. If you have intense and dense curly hair, then this is well recommended for you. This style can make you look great and stylish without fail. Edgy, classy and sassy will be your name once you try this style out and it is quite easy to maintain also given the shorter length the hairstyle is in. Even if you have blonde hair, this can totally fit you in!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly hair women can perfectly look into this style.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Any face shape can go well in this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and winters are the perfect time to try this one out.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 30s to 45 anyone can prefer this hairstyle out.
  • Matching Outfit: This look is great when tried with professional formal wear.
  • Perfect Occasion: wear this for regular office times to rock the look every day!

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Blunt Bangs Bob Haircut:

blunt cut bob black hair

If you love super short hair and want to try out something unique, then there is nothing like this blunt bangs short black bob haircut. This style is trendy, especially for women who are involved in the fashion industry. This short bob black hairstyle will make sure you seize in all attention from everyone. This is quite sassy and edgy and can never be going out of fashion and style with the trend it carries all over.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with any hair type can try this style out.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shape can only perfectly fit this in.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season is excellent to try this hairstyle out.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this for women below 35 years only.
  • Matching Outfit: Sleek dresses and skirts can go great in this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Women can wear this for parties and cocktail events or grand fashion events too.

Slight Bangs Bob:

black bob with bangs

In case you are sceptical about having explicit bangs, you can try this variant. Women who are further having petite and thin personality are a perfect fit for this, and they look super classy and edgy without fail. Those who want bob hairstyle are low maintenance and want to try out sleek cut without effort should not miss this one!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair type, including wavy and straight hair, can perfectly fit in this one.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval and square face shape women can try this style out.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summer is a good time to carry on this haircut.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 20s and 30s can look great here.
  • Matching Outfit: Casual top and jeans can be great for women in this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear this for casual outings or dinner events and parties.

Additional Tips:

  1. Now here we tell you a few tips and tricks on maintaining bob black hairstyle.
  2. One requires regular trim to make sure the hair is maintained in similar bob style length if you wish to continue in this haircut.
  3. Make sure hair is non-frizzy and smooth, given that the black bob hairstyles do not look good at all if the hair is rough and tough.
  4. To make sure hair is not frizzy, apply oil pack regularly. Hair should receive good nourishment and health.
  5. Hair spa in stipulated right intervals is good to maintain hair health. Do not use much heat appliances in this style to style the hair well. Try and get it naturally to look great.

While bob hairstyles are common, we now saw customized black bob hairstyles for women with jet black hair. This will help get better texture quickly and make oneself look elegant and classy. Those women who prefer to carry a blend of sass, class and style can fit this in without fail. Try these out as per your preference, age group and features and tell us which you love the best. We love to hear from you!

Latest Black Bob Haircut:

neck length short bob black hair

This is a new and unique look which is growing in fashion right now for the right reason. The layer goes asymmetrically from front to back by reducing the hair cut size slowly. This cut looks elegant and stylish and also makes young girls look smart and classy. Women who love to flaunt their dense hair should try this out. Further women who have hair fall problem also can try this style for hiding out their concern quickly.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with silky hair can perfectly fit in this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Wear this style if you have an oval and elongated face shape.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Women can try this style in any season as they wish.
  • Best Age Group: 20s and early 30s age group women can be best fit to flaunt this latest style.
  • Matching Outfit: Casuals to super modern dresses or western tops and jeans, anything can go perfectly in this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear this for your college or work or outings with friends, you will totally rock it down!

Wavy Black Bob Hairstyle:

short bobblack wavy hair

In case you have wavy hair, well we have a black bob haircut for you too! This wavy black bob hairstyles variant is the one who can perfectly match you well. This style is a blessing in disguise, and given the poised look, it delivers easily. The hair is wavy beneath and is making a great impression on anyone who is witnessing it. This style is further totally effortless to maintain, and it is great to look smart and poised.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with wavy hair can best fit this hairstyle very well.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, square and round face shape can try this lookout.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and monsoons can go well in this haircut.
  • Best Age Group: Try this style for women in the 20s age group to look radiant.
  • Matching Outfit: Dresses and skirts can look perfect in this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wearing this hairstyle to parties and dinner events can make you stand out from the crowd with attention!

Fringe Bob Haircut:

long bob black

If you are in love with fringe and want to try it out for bob cut, then this is an amazing one to try out. This further makes one look more youthful and radiant glowing with style. Women who have elongated and long faces can also hide their shape of the face with fringe effectively. Try this style out if you are looking for youthful hairstyle, which is easy to maintain without great effort.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight hair type can try this style out.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Elongated and long face shape women can perfectly fit this style.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and winters can go perfect in this haircut.
  • Best Age Group: If you are below 30, this can be a great fit.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear this with casual t-shirt and jeans to rock the style.
  • Perfect Occasion: College wear or outings with friends can be the best occasion to try this style out.

Long Bob Haircut for Black Hair:

black long bobSave

This long bob haircuts black hair is quite a surprise for us too! This unexpected look is in fashion and trend right now, going all across for the right reason. This is elegant and also with long hair. If you are in love with your long hair and do not want to chop it off, but rather also want to embrace the bob kind of haircut, what else do you need! This is the perfect one you must try out without fail!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Long straight hair women can perfectly fit this style out.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Wear this style for round, square and oval face shape women.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Winters are the best season to try this hairstyle.
  • Best Age Group: Those in the 20s and 30s can fit this in with ease.
  • Matching Outfit: Jeans and skirts with casual tops can look good in this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Both professional space and parties, women can wear this style as they prefer.

Asymmetric Bob Haircut:

Asymmetric Black Bob Haircut

In case you want the asymmetric cut of having shorter bob near one shoulder and longer cut near other, then this new style can fit in with you in ease. This is a great medium bob black hairstyles to try out in today’s era. Many young women prefer this style in especial given the uniqueness and elegance it carries with. This style further makes you make a great fashion statement without fail. Try this style out, and there is no going back.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Smooth and straight hair to wavy hair, both can try this style out.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, heart and round face can best fit this style out.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers is a good time to try this hairstyle out.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 30s and 40s can wear this hairstyle with ease.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear western wear and formal wear as per occasion to fit this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Women can wear this for offices or even to parties or dinner events as they wish.

Some Basic Question

Is Black Bob Hairstyle Suited for Women over 50 Years?

Ans: Yes definitely, one can go for black bob haircut even at older age groups. However, if the hair appears to get whiter or grey in colour, one may require to dye the hair. Otherwise, a normal bob is always good irrespective of age group.

How to Make Sure Hair is Dense and Soft in Texture for Black Bob Hairstyle?

Ans: Make sure you use dense and thickening shampoo to get that texture for black bob haircut. Further, take healthy food and nutrition regularly. Have good proteins and fiber in the diet. Use serum and oil regularly for hair and make sure hair is healthy.

Is Hair Spa Every Week Bad for Hair?

Ans: Natural hair spa without bleach can be done at home every week to make sure hair is healthy. However, the saloon’s hair spa is recommended to be done once in 3-4 weeks only.

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