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To fight back Covid-19 related chronic body ache, follow these diet tips by a health expert. Nosh on these nutritious foods.

Covid-19 cases are rapidly growing once again all over the world. As of January 12, 2022, India recorded more than 190,000 fresh cases. Be it SARS-CoV-2, Delta, or now Omicron variants of Covid-19; body ache is a common symptom found in people. Dropping in muscle strength, feeling tired constantly, or chronic fatigue are some of the symptoms or the long term effects which continue even after recovery from the virus.

Body ache due to Covid-19 typically occurs with other symptoms as well, which may interfere with your daily tasks. People diagnosed with Covid-19 wonder when they will feel better or normal and how? Have you been also suffering from chronic body ache and pains ever since you got diagnosed with Covid-19? If so, here’s help.

Health coach Dimple Jangda recently shared an Instagram Reel on some natural ways to get rid of body ache. Jangda says, “Suffering from chronic body ache after being diagnosed with Covid-19 is because Covid attacks blood cells (that are) responsible for oxygen transport. Your muscles and tissues start struggling for oxygen and suffer from chronic spasms and pains.”

She adds, “The virus damages your red blood cells (RBCs) and your iron levels get depleted as the body tries to rebuild the RBC. You need to pump up your vitamin C, D, and iron levels to boost your immunity and treat fatigue and chronic body ache.”

Check out her Instagram post for yourself:

5 things you can consume to treat body ache after Covid-19

1. Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin has shown an important role in influencing both innate and adaptive immunity. Vitamin D is mainly synthesized by our body when exposed to sunlight. Jangda says, “Make sure to get 20 minutes of sun exposure per day. This will improve your vitamin D levels. ” The role of vitamin D in the human body is to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate, both of which are important for healthy bones, muscles, and teeth. Apart from sunlight, you can get vitamin D from eggs, mushrooms, milk, and soya.

2. Orange juice

“Have a glass of orange juice in the morning,” says Jangda. Orange juice is definitely a healthy source that helps you stay hydrated during any season, and we know staying hydrated is really important with Covid-19. In addition, it offers vitamin C in abundance to keep the immune system strong.

body ache due to Covid-19
Oranges can up your immunity by a notch. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Carrot, beetroot, amla juice

Thanks to Covid-19, everyone has been talking about vitamin C and other nutrients finally. “Have a glass of carrot, beetroot and amla juice. This will help in improving your vitamin C levels and your iron levels,” says Jangda. Vitamin C is essential for our body’s immune system while iron makes hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of your body.

4. A healthy soup

“Have a bowl of carrot, beetroot, spinach soup with some onion and garlic for dinner. This will help in improving your iron levels,” says Jangda. The combination of carrot, beetroot, and spinach in a soup, is a powerhouse of nutrients. This can boost your immunity and energy level so that you won’t feel tired or lazy all the time.

5. Include fenugreek

Ensure you have fenugreek in your diet in the form of methi ka thepla if you can. This will improve your immunity and also improve the bitterness in your body to kill the virus. Fenugreek seeds can also help you to deal with hair loss issues which is the most common symptom of Covid-19.

Here’s to healthy living, and here’s to a safe recovery phase during Covid-19 at home.

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