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How To Achieve A Minimalist Living Room Decor

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How To Achieve A Minimalist Living Room Decor

Minimalist living room ideas will point you in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to look at other designs for inspiration. Use the gifts of others and merge them with your skills.

For example, if you have a geo-shaped rug, you could use wall-mounted shelves. This would merge both ideas and create a new design. The process is natural, and how masterpieces are made.

What Is A Minimalist Living Room?

Minimalist Living RoomView in gallery
Image from Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

A minimalist living room is a parlor. Each furniture piece must be chosen with care by the designer. This is true for any design.

Scandinavian contemporary minimalist living rooms are popular. Japanese and bohemian living rooms are also common. When you choose a minimalist living room style, keep it simple.

Characteristics Of A Minimalist Living Room

A contemporary minimalist living room has the same characteristics as other minimalist rooms. To understand how minimalism in the living room differs from other rooms, we look at how each characteristic applies.

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Content Modern

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is easy. If you want to redesign your living room, remove the wall separating the kitchen. If you want to  keep the wall, that’s okay. You can turn it into a pony wall.

A pony wall is a half-wall that allows an open-concept plan while keeping a room divider.

Simple Colors

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Mapos Architects DPC

Monochrome color schemes are a feature of simple minimalist living rooms. While you may add other colors, monochrome palettes work. If you’re not familiar with monochrome palettes, don’t worry.

The most common colors for monochrome living rooms are grey, white, and black. Bright colors can be added to accent the room, but aren’t common. Solid neutral colors are best for a true monochrome living room.

Clean Lines

Clean lines outline a contemporary minimalist living room. The lines are not interpreted or broken. Arches and curves can have clean lines if they are smooth and crisp.

If the lines blend, it means they aren’t clean. A Victorian design style does not have clean lines, but contemporary design styles do. Minimalist design style must have clean lines.


Clean minimalist living roomView in gallery
 Edmonds + Lee Architects

Marie Kondo is the master of decluttering. “To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose,” said Kondo.

The phrase shines new light on what decluttering means. It isn’t about a lack of care. It is about the value of what is important to you. Each piece of furniture and home decor is worth something.


Every item in has a purpose. Chairs that aren’t used shouldn’t be in the room.  Wall mirrors do not belong in a minimalist living room.

Art is acceptable if you like the piece of art. The artwork must mean something to you or serve a purpose. Functionality and minimalism go hand in hand. Anything else would be a distraction.


Every item has a purpose, even if it’s sentimental. Craft skill is part of minimalist culture. Craftsmanship cannot be busy or lack clean lines.

Each piece in a minimalist living room matters. Hand-crafted furniture is a dream because each piece is featured. They may go unseen in a maximalist living room. In a minimalist room, they shine.

Lack Of Ornamentation

Decoration and intricate designs can be alluring. However, you won’t find them in a minimalist design. Bookshelves will not have complex designs. Floating shelves are a popular minimalist style.

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to design flare. If you are, you may want a different style. There are plenty of designs that you can make special that don’t involve minimalism.

Minimalist Living Room In An Adobe House

Living room gorgeous villa in Mission Cannon Santa BarbaraView in gallery

When you enter this gorgeous villa in Mission Cannon, Santa Barbara, you will notice a few things. One of those will be the minimalist design. It was created by interior designer Corinne Matherne.

Every minimalist trait is on display in this living room. The furniture is functional. The room features an open floor plan. The craftsmanship attracts you. The room is a standard example of minimalist design.

Large steel coffee tableView in gallery

Each piece was handpicked by Matherne. The pieces are easy to notice. In a busy living room, you won’t remember what you’ve seen.

The solid coffee table is the centerpiece. The furniture is airy and light. The art in the room is easy to admire because there aren’t other distractions in the room.

The solid coffee table is the centerpiece of the room.View in gallery

Matherne’s designs will inspire you. Find designs that inspire you whenever you are switching design styles or when you are building a new house.

Designs take their inspiration from original designers. Minimalism has natural light and hardware that does not stand out. Features of each design overlap with other designs.

design styles draw inspiration from the original designersView in gallery

The villa exudes minimalism. As wonderful as the home is, the living room shines.

You can choose to follow a designer or trust your instincts. Your design should feature your style. With interior design, the best part is making a room all about you.

Minimalist Living Room Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Minimalist Scandinavian Living Room?

Scandinavian minimalism is about relaxation. Not only should everything be functional, but also comfortable. Minimalism in Scandinavian countries uses natural materials and cozy furniture.

For starters, add soft, yet simple throw blankets. You can use wood beams or furniture. Repurposed wood works well with minimalist designs and adds character without cluttering the room.

What Is A Minimalist Japanese Living Room?

The minimalist movement is a favorite in Japan. Japanese minimalism has zen qualities. Zen means peace and calm. But it is also a school of thought that includes Buddhism.

Simple Japanese room dividers, or shōji, are good minimalist designs. The style features wood floors, bamboo mats, and low furniture.  Chabudais are floor tables, and futons are floor beds.

What Is A Minimalist Boho Living Room?

Bohemian decor was popularized in the 1970s. Today, it offers more creativity and freedom than other minimalist design styles. A pop of green in the form of indoor plants can improve a boho living room.

Flat textures are common. With boho minimalism, textures are encouraged. If you want to add textures to your minimalist room, then a bohemian style is a good choice.

How Can I Make My Living Room Minimalist?

Make your living room minimalist by reducing clutter. Get rid of everything you don’t want or need. Decluttering is the most difficult yet most crucial part of creating a minimalist living room.

After you declutter, use minimalist furniture, decor, and wallpaper with clean lines. This method will take care of transforming your living room into a minimalist living room.

Can Any Design Style Be Minimalist?

Whether you have a farmhouse or modern design, you can make it minimalist. However, some designs are difficult to change. Contemporary and beach designs are minimalist.

Victorian or eccentric designs are not minimalist. To make them minimalist takes part of them away that makes them special. You can choose a different style and make it just as good as minimalism.

Should I Ask Myself, “Does This Spark Joy”?

Yes. If you don’t feel joyful when looking at a piece of furniture or decor in your home then you should not keep it. Marie Kondo’s classic phrase has helped millions of people.

Minimalism does not have to be boring. It can be a fun way to let the best parts of you and your home shine. You can feel good about choosing minimalism over another design.

Minimalist Living Room Conclusion

If you want a minimalist living room, design a space that feels warm. Contemporary minimalism looks simple, but it holds deep meaning. A contemporary minimalist living room design could impact your life and how you live.

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