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How To Decorate Your Room So That You’ll Love Coming Home

Improving your room is difficult, yet it doesn’t need to be hard. You need to figure out how to beautify your room so that you’ll adore getting back home. Front rooms and different regions are so that guests might be able to see, yet a room should make its proprietor happy.  The thoughts here will help. Lean on your instinct when utilizing them to make a pleasant spot for you to appreciate toward the finish of every day.

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The ideas here will help. Follow your heart when using them to create a nice place for you to enjoy at the end of each day.

Decorate Your Room Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A Room?

When decorating your room, the first thing you need to determine is how much do you want to spend. Once you’ve set a budget, then you’ll know.

Do not think twice about spending too much. It’s your room and space you use daily. You want it to be your favorite room at home.

How Do You Decorate Your Room With Posters?

If you like movies, then a film poster will capture your spirit. Pick a theme or film period. Film noir, silent movies, or westerns, choose whatever reflects your personality.

You’ll want to get the posters framed. Most people choose glass frames, but they break easily and are hard to clean. Plastic frames are light and do not require as much maintenance.

How Do You Decorate A Room With LED Lights?

If you want to go extreme because that’s the kind of person you are, the LED lights would be fun. You could take a DIY approach with the lights.

LED strip lights are easy to install. Make sure you double-check the lights before you install them. Measure the area where you want them and cut the lights.

Find a place to put your LED lights. Afterward, you’ll need a secure power supply and make sure you use short wires.

How Do You Use Feng Shui To Decorate A Room?

If you practice Feng Shui, your bedroom is the most vital room in your home. The goal is to create a serene environment. Don’t put your bed in line with the door.

Use a solid headboard. If possible, you want to use organic bedding. A futon or Japanese-style bed would work.

If you want to include balance, pick and choose wisely. You want your bedroom to have a balance.

Find A Focal Point

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Image from Suduca & Merillou

Finding a focal point in a room helps get the ball rolling. If you want the bed to be the focus, use a nice headboard and a few throw pillows.

You can use something that you can’t stop staring at and draw attention to it by giving the room a good flow and keeping other tones neutral. Your textures should be at a minimum in areas you don’t want to stand out.

Natural Materials

Wood floors wood stove adobe house bedrromView in gallery
Design from Sarah Solis.

Natural materials are calming, earthy, and lower stress. Find accents made of stone, wood, and other materials. You don’t have to go overboard, but small pieces can make a big difference.

Decorating your room with reclaimed wood is a nice. It’s not natural, but it’s repurposed, which is good. Find imperfect wood or stone for added character.

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Color Theory

Beach bedroomView in gallery
Image from a holiday house by L’Atelier Delphine Carrère.

You don’t have to be an expert on color theory to choose colors for your room. You need to know what feels right what the colors mean. Some colors, like red, portray passion, but also anger. An orange and grey color scheme would be nice. You could also try pink and teal color scheme for your bedroom walls.

Other colors, like blue, are calming, but are sad. There’s also pomp and power purple for nobility. Choosing shades that work well together and give off good vibes is important. Consult an expert or study color theory on which colors work well together. Keep in mind there are a range of color used to decorate a bedroom.

Thread Counts And Fabrics

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Image from Derek Swalwell

Choosing high thread counts and organic materials makes a statement. It looks and makes you feel better.

It’s relaxing when you curl up in bed or a corner chair with a high-end throw blanket. The higher the thread count and better the material the fabrics are, the more extravagant your room will feel.

Create A Better View

Large widnow in bedroomView in gallery
Image from Sydney-based interior designers Arent & Pyke.

If you don’t have big windows, install bigger ones. If there’s a good view waiting for you behind a wall, you should enjoy it

Widen the window or buy windows without panes or grids so that you can see more. You should also avoid thick window frames.

Add Great Lighting

White bedroom with aptterned wallView in gallery
Picture from Redmond Aldrich

Not should your primary lighting be on point, but it can be a great choice to add alternate lighting. Desk lamps, overhead lighting, standing lights, and even fairy lights will work in a room.

The lights should offer different auras. You want to control how the light affects your room. The two options should be a bright, radiating light and a soft, lowlight for evenings when you want a soft mood.

Show The Ceiling Some Love

Bedroom beams and cultureView in gallery
Image from Isabelle Stanislas

Ceilings are left alone when decorating, but they don’t have to be. You can add character to a room by paying attention to the ceilings. A ceiling is the fifth wall of a room. It deserves the same treatment as other walls.

Adding wallpaper to a ceiling isn’t ideal. There are plenty of ways you can dress one up. Adding new beams or rafters adds an authentic look without going overboard.

Dress Windows, But Add Hooks

Pulled back curtains in bright bedroomView in gallery
Image from Peter Dunham

Adding alluring curtains to windows is a nice idea. You can use sheer curtains for an airy look, or heavy drapes for a royal flare. The type of curtain doesn’t matter, if you like them that’s all that matters.

What matters is if you can put them up or use natural light for your room.  A room without natural light will fill stuffy and musty. Making sure you can hang curtains up is important, no matter how heavy they are.

Get Cozy

Rustic bedroom with exposed beamsView in gallery
California Modern Farmhouse by Sarah Solis Design Studio.

If your room isn’t inviting, you won’t love it. So, making sure that you feel relaxed and ready to curl up at the end of the day is important. There are many ways to do this, and it comes down to personal preference.

Adding throw blankets, cozy chairs, and inviting lighting are a few ways to achieve a cozy bedroom look. It doesn’t have to be winter to create a warm atmosphere that isn’t stuffy. Use lighter materials in the summer.

Hide Storage Space

Hide Storage SpaceView in gallery
Design from Georgie Shepherd

Storage space is a must. Rather than stock the shelves in the open, use closets, wardrobes, or cover the shelves with a screen. This creates a mess-free zone where you can relax anytime.

You can also get bins that you put on the shelves. This way, you can use the shelves the same way and have everything out of sight. Feel free to display things you want to, but don’t be afraid to hide everything you can.

Get Creative With Art

Art with historical figure in bedroomView in gallery
Morningside Heights by Crystal Sinclair Designs.

Art is meant for self-expression. Even if it’s not your art. No one else has to understand or like it. The art that you choose should be chosen because you like it and feel good about it.

If you’re into historical figure art, then go for that. It’s not about explaining why you like it; it’s about liking the way you feel when you’re around the art. Shop local markets for unique art made just for you.

Use Your Hobbies

Scissors on art on wall in bedroomView in gallery

Whether it’s in art, furniture, or decorations, use your hobbies to fuel your creativeness. If you like sewing, add scissors or fabric-inspired pieces. If you like gaming, add your favorite characters. This is your sanctuary.

You don’t have to go all the way with it, but a few pieces of things you like to do can make the room feel like yours. Hire a decorator to help or do it yourself with self-expression.

Feature Wall

Create a feature wall roomView in gallery
Woollahra House by Phoebe Nicol Interior Architecture.

Featured walls are in. You can paint three walls and make the last wall special. You can do this by adding wallpaper, paneling, or a mural. It works best if done on the wall where the bed is against.

A great way to add a featured wall is with a landscape mural. Whether it’s a Paris cityscape or the rolling hills of Ireland, find something that fits. Whatever it may be, include it in your bedroom.

Mirrors Everywhere

Mirrors EverywhereView in gallery
Design suite by Patricia Bustos

Mirrors make a space look bigger by reflecting the open space of a room. Size doesn’t matter, but larger mirrors will have more of an impact. Add them across from your door for best results.

Make sure you can’t see the mirror before you enter. This will be distracting, and no one wants to see themselves first thing when they walk into a room.

Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard Walls
Bennetts Hill House by Run for the Hills.

You don’t have to add chalkboard walls, as it would be an example of rotating expressions. You can make lists, doodle, or keep them clean and use them when you’re creating designs.

If you don’t want to commit to adding chalkboard wallpaper, add a large chalkboard or marker board that you can remove when you please. Put it above the bed or near the door for better results.

Word Expression

Neon lights in bedroom fancyView in gallery
Image from Farrow & Ball

Word is art. Use art containing expressions that speak to you for a literal expression of your heart, mind, and soul. This doesn’t mean the whole cliche, “live, laugh, love,” type of art, but something more meaningful.

If you’re religious, Bible verses can be what you need. Quotes from movies are great too. Or something personal that you created for yourself on sites like Etsy, or other great online stores to shop at.

Truly Vintage Pieces

Truly Vintage PiecesView in gallery
designer Michelle Kelly.

Using vintage pieces is great if that’s all you can find. Shop at flea markets and antique stores to find antique items. They might cost more, but they’re worth it.

You can use fake vintage or antique, but it looks better when the pieces are real. Farmhouse, shabby chic, and beach are popular styles for vintage pieces.

Rug Over Carpet

Rug Over CarpetView in gallery
The design from interior designer is Tali Roth.

The carpet is outdated and can get dirty. If you’re willing to take care of it, your floors will look and feel nice. If not, it will become a burden. However, there is a solution.

Large rugs make a difference. Add it under your bed or beside it for a great flow. You can wash or replace it if it gets dirty or worn, unlike carpet.

Catch-All Area

Catch-All Area to decorate a roomView in gallery
Image from Juniper Tedhams

It may seem silly to stack things in a certain area, but it can help keep your room clean. Find a place to put a box and stack the things you don’t want to put away. Then, clean it every night or on the weekends.

This is one way to balance your life and keep your room clean without much effort. A small tray will do if you have some clutter. But anything more than that and you’ll need a large box

How To Decorate Your Room Conclusion

When decorating your room, have some fun, but take it seriously. The room you sleep in is important. You might not be awake, but you absorb the energy of your room.

If your room has negative energy, it will impact your mood. You want to learn how to decorate your room so you can make it a place that you enjoy and not one that makes you unhappy.

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