How to get the best credit card for you

How to get the best credit card for you

Contemplating how you will utilize your credit card will assist you with contrasting the choices and get the best card for you. Realizing this will assist you with picking the best-esteem Mastercard. Consider a Visa with more sans interest days. This implies you won’t pay interest as long as you pay the equilibrium inside a set number of days (for instance, 55 days). These cards might have a higher loan fee and a yearly charge, however that could be worth the effort. Search for a straightforward card with a low or no-financing cost and a low yearly or level month to month expense

Compare credit card rates and fees

Honeymoon (or introductory) interest rate
  • the interest rate offered for a limited period of time at the start of a new credit card
Purchase (interest) rate
  • the interest rate on things you buy (purchases) after the honeymoon period ends
Interest-free days
  • the number of days you won’t get charged interest on purchases
Annual or monthly fee
  • fee you will pay every year or every month
Rewards program fee
  • fee for using the rewards program
Other fees
  • late repayment fees
  • cash advance fees (for cash taken out)
  • fees if you go over your credit limit
  • fees for using your credit card to shop or travel overseas

Weigh up the pros and cons of card options

Extras like travel insurance

Some credit cards come with ‘complimentary’ extras like travel insurance for overseas trips. Be aware that extras are usually not free. The cost may be covered by higher interest or fees.

Other cards offer ‘cash back’ (credit on your account) or discounts on goods or services. Weigh up if what you will get back is worth you paying more in interest or fees.

Rewards programs

Credit card reward programs sound good — you get something back simply by spending on your card. For example, you could earn points you can use to buy movie tickets or flights.

But cards with rewards programs often have higher interest rates and extra fees. They could cost you more than you get back. Check if the benefits you get are worth the higher cost.

Store cards

Store cards can be an expensive way to shop. You can only use them in that store, and they may have higher interest rates. Check if the benefits are worth the higher rate.

If a store offers an interest-free deal, check when the deal ends. Also check the interest rate on new purchases (called the ‘purchase rate’), as it may be higher than for other credit cards

Set a credit limit you can afford

Whenever you apply for a Visa, your bank or credit supplier will offer you a credit limit. This is the most extreme sum they’ll loan you, and it depends on your capacity to repay it in three years or less. On the off chance that you’re stressed over overspending, you don’t need to take everything advertised. Contemplate your ways of managing money and the amount you can easily bear to take care of.

Georgia calculates the cost of her reward

Georgia is contemplating joining a credit card rewards program. She’ll procure one prize point for each dollar she spends. She can recover focuses for flights, gift vouchers, film tickets and different merchandise. She works out the amount she needs to spend to acquire rewards. The prizes program costs $30 per year to join and she would need to burn through $5,700 to get a $25 gift voucher. Georgia chooses not to go on. It would consume most of the day to procure focuses, and she’d wind up it are worth to pay more than the prizes.

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