How To Start A Business As A Teen

How to start a business as a teen – I know the thought, I was there once and I dreamed of making it rain money as young as I could. I wanted to retire by the time I was 30. Well, I’m still here grafting 8 years after that date, but I don’t work for anyone but myself. I’m going to show you what you need to think about and what you can do, so you know how to start a business as a teen.

Let’s get on with the show.

How to make money as a teen?

3 Ways How to Start a Business as a teen

1 | E-Commerce Reviews

making money from doing youtube reviews as a teen

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at anything. I think that probably is when you do something very niche. Such as learning to code a language, or learning to speak one. When it comes to business, I am probably 30,000+ hours in and I’m still learning.

That said, by starting now, you get to learn from your mistakes sooner. I began in e-commerce about a decade ago. Properly anyway, I was 28.

I am 38 as I write this and I am still finding new ways to improve the odds. I have a chain of shops and a couple of online businesses. One of which did £100K+ in May and June each of 2020.

The biggest name in my sector started at the same time as us, but their team had already had a decade of online shopping experience when they began.

You can make money as a teen just as easily as you can an adult in the blogging world. It takes time to build a quality site that search engines love, and by starting your own thing now, you are going to learn so much.

So how can it make you money as a teen? Simple, I’m sure you have something your passionate about.

Maybe it’s games, maybe it’s a sport, anything – start reviewing those things.

Then start working out how to spot the rising trends and review those things. See which kinds of a topic you rank better for and do more of that.

If you write a review of the top 5 games releases of the year, you can attach affiliate links out from your site to Amazon where you can earn a commission on every purchase that then happens.

Maybe games are too congested, so go long. Start reviewing the Top 5 games cheat books on Amazon relating to gaming, or maybe another topic entirely.

Doing this will teach you the importance of a few key things:
– Keyword Research
– SEO – On and Off-page strategies
Website development
– Human behaviour

If you find what you’re doing isn’t for you. Change it up, but think consciously about what you have learned and why you lost interest. If it’s because you just aren’t that fussed about how to start a business as a teen, at least you have learned some valuable skills for when you’re older.

You may want to check out our starting an online business guide.

2 | Personal Blogging

In a similar way to e-commerce being able to earn you money online, so can personal blogging. What is it though?

Maybe you have a personal struggle, a story of something unique to you, or experience of being bullied, an illness, whatever it is, writing about it can be both cathartic and financially satisfying.

I know that sounds a little exploitative, but you will be exploiting your hardship for YOU.

While everyone is on Instagram trying to show off their best life, you will know how to make money as a teen from selling either ad-space on your blog or sponsored links.

What’s a sponsored link?

It is a grey area. But imagine you write about your struggles with weight gain and you do a diary of how you lose it. If I was a brand that made a sports supplement, I would love to give you my product in return for your positive review and a link back to my site, using a word or words I am trying to rank for.

So I have a protein powder (I don’t) that is organic and vegan. When you write your review, you might say:

“I have recently been using an organic and vegan protein powder….”

Those words in bold would, on your site, link back to the company. This means they now have a piece of relevant content written about them, about the words they are trying to rank on Google for, from an external source.

This is a backlink and companies pay lots of money to try to get these.

Your blog could be more than just your diary, it could be a nice side hustle too.

Essentially, you become an influencer, but on a blog instead.

3 | The value of youth

how to make money as a teen

How to start a business as a teen if you don’t want to run e-commerce or blogging doesn’t end there. In fact, while in the States I met a girl at Uni who tutors younger students by Zoom video.

From the comfort of her own home, she helps those families who want to give their kids a better shot at passing their exams. And she charged nearly a 100 dollars an hour!

Admittedly she majored in Biochemistry and was as sharp as a tack, but if you have an area of knowledge that is fresh in your mind, you can tailor what you do – to replicate that.

If my son came home with maths homework, I wouldn’t have a clue. Not because I’m not bright enough, it’s because I haven’t done it for decades.

Let’s say you’re 16, you are still studying these things. They are fresh in your mind. Do you reckon you could offer value to an 11-year-old struggling with high school work?

Of course, you could!

So how much value is that to a stressed parent, who worries their kid will get picked on or turn into a rogue bad-ass because they didn’t invest in a little extra education.

What you offer is perfect – it’s going to be a better price than a Master’s educated professor, and it will be delivered in a language from a person that their kid can get on board with.

And it doesn’t stop at teaching younger students

It wasn’t until 2014 that my then 67-year-old Dad worked out how to use the internet. He thought it was just a fad for years. Then came the point that I said:

“Dad, Google is a $100 billion company – I think they’re here to stay. Let me teach you how to use the internet.”

I wrote down an instructional – a complete idiot’s guide. I forgot I even did it until my mum told me Dad was loving the internet. I was blown away.

I’d taught someone something, but also, he probably wanted to learn it all this time but didn’t know how to ask.

Most of the world still shop offline, but there are millions of people in the US and UK alone who can’t use the internet and have done well for themselves in life. They want the help you could offer them.

Think: “How to use the Internet – The Friendly Guide for Retirees.”

There you have another way how to start a business as a teen, or even just how to make money as a teen.

As you can see, there are angles to everything. You have more skill and knowledge than you know, you just need to know how to leverage it.

How do you sell these services to make money as a teen?

If you want to know how to start a business as a teen, it’s a good idea to learn how to build a basic website or landing page. From those you can add in Calendly booking forms, your own personal blog, or reviews. Just because your young doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate a professional impression.

So here’s my 4 top tools to grab on how to start a business as a teen

4 tools any budding young entrepreneur should leverage if they want to know how to make money as a teen.

  1. A Professional / Vanity Email – Eg: “”
  2. A Landing page or website that acts as your business idea CV
  3. Grammarly – We all make some errors in our writing from time to time, this tool makes you write like a boss
  4. Uniform Professional Social Media Handles – Get all of them and match them – For my sins I once had an AOL email: AOL is basically dead now, but I used that when I was an adult. CRINGE.

All of these tools will give you a base to work from, that means there is no danger of losing an opportunity to make money as a teen, simply because someone judged you for that.

That’s a wrap, that’s how to start a business as a teen.

There is a ton more I could talk about this subject, but if you want something to check out now, why not take a look at my ‘Learn WordPress In a Month’ guide, OR check out these amazing ebooks below, that I think will inspire you MASSIVELY.

How to start a business as a teen | Easiest Way

how to start a business as a teen
How to start a business as a teen that makes more than a lemonade stand

So I will give you a quick lowdown or why I know where your mind is at.

As a teenager I tried to make money – ALL THE TIME. It was all I thought about. I would spend days, just thinking of ideas and then move on to the next idea.

I wanted to be rich. Here’s a couple of things I did to make money.

  1. I found a magazine shop near me that sold dirty magazines. I took advantage of this by buying as many as I could afford, taking the pages apart carefully and then selling them for different prices at School. A4 would be cheaper than the centre-fold and so on. That worked until I got caught
  2. A friend who was leaving school for a new town, let me take over his sweets and stationary business. I mainly focused on undercutting the school stationary shop. Made a few quid, but it was hardly the big time.
  3. I found a couple of fruit machines for cheap in the classified ads and then with a friend we set up a company to place them in snooker halls. I can’t remember the name of the company we called it now. But we had to cold-call, go for meetings. There’s us these 15 year old kids rocking up to face-to-face meeting trying to score a space for our money making machines.
  4. Sold cigarettes. Standard

I tried a hatload of angles, anything that could give me a chance to make the big time.

Why didn’t you get pocket money?

Don’t know ask my folks!

Actually my parents didn’t understand the concept of pocket money and I am not entirely sure I do either. For my parents, it was about working hard for the money you got, so I could only earn if I worked. Which meant, I tried to set up businesses instead.

But you haven’t got to do any of those things I did to know how to start a business as a teen. Th world is a different place, so I am going to suggest 3 solid angles you could follow to become a high school hustler.

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