How To Start A Micronation

What is a micronation? A micronation is, according to the Britannica encyclopedia:

“a country that claims to be an independent state but is not recognized by the international community.”

Encyclopedia Britannica

In other words, a micronation is a place where you get to make the rules (assuming you are the creator). You are the rules of your own tiny country, and even better, because the international community does not recognize you, there is no need to get involved in pesky politics like the UN.

Are micronations legal?

So you want to start your own micronation but are unsure of the legal issues surrounding it? When beginning your reign as the ruler of a new and completely made up country, there are a few things to consider.

Most micronations claim some sort of physical territory. This territory is either personal or unclaimed by other countries (and you know if a piece of land is unclaimed by the United States, that is one crappy piece of land). The first requirement is owning your own piece of land to start your micronation on.

how to start a micronation

Is it possible to start your own country?

In short, no. Making your own country requires an absurd amount of work, time, and money. You must have a permanent population, land, and a fully functioning government. Even with all of that, it must go through a council decision.

However, making your own unrecognized micronation is a piece of cake. If you decide you’d rather go the political route, you may want to read our how-to on starting a career in politics instead.

How do micronations work?

Micronations thrive on going under the radar. As they are not recognized internationally, they do not hold any power. With a little land you won, you can start your own whenever you want.

As long as a micronation does not do anything dangerous or dumb, the recognized country it exists in usually allows it to continue to exist, much like a cow ignores the flies that land on it. If you go starting a war or building nuclear weapons, you can guarantee your micronation will be shut down before you even design a logo, so keep the policies and decisions as trivial as possible.

What is the smallest micronation?

The Empire of Barbettia is the smallest micronation on record, making up only a minuscule 0.000049 square kilometers. That is about the size of a drink coaster.

Are any micronations recognized?

No. Part of the definition of a micronation is that it is unrecognized. This makes it different from a microstate, such as Vatican City, which is officially recognized as its own nation. Some have even tried to go to war over this. The British Government ended up in a ridiculous face-off with the Kingdom of Sealand (An old sea fort) that made the ‘Cod Wars’ with Iceland look like Independence Day.

Now that we know what a micronation is, the question is why do you want to make your own?

Micronation of Sealand in Armed Standoff

Why are you asking how to start a micronation?

The most important question everyone who thinks of starting a micronation must ask themselves is: Why am I doing this? 

Really think about it? Is it money? Power? Lust for gold?

If it is any of these things, you may want to consider a different path. You could earn more money and gain more power by working as a small-town border guard, or starting your own gang.

Is it because you want to have some fun or just love the idea of making your own micronation? Right on, that is the spirit!

If any of this guide piques your interest, here’s the top 4 micronation books on Amazon. Sealand is pretty close to our HQ so that one has a special place in our hearts. They even almost went to war with Britain. Now, THAT’s how to start a micronation.

What type of sovereignty to pick?

Personally, I would be partial to the role of ‘God-King’  if I were to start a micronation, but this is your micronation and you can do whatever you want.

Really, sovereignty is just the title you want to give yourself. Do you want to be a king, baron, president, supreme chancellor, sith lord, or wingus dingus? The beauty of having your own micronation is that you can decide what to call yourself and what powers you give to yourself.

How to pick a flag?

Picking a flag is one of the most important pieces of starting your own micronation. You do not want to rush into it and get stuck with a lame, boring flag that nobody likes.

So think about what your nation is all about. What is the name? Why did you create it? Is it based on any fictional lands or ideas you could pull ideas and inspiration from?

Let’s say your micronation is called ‘Camela’, after the medieval castle of King Arthur, but also due to your love of camels. Now let’s say you also love pirates and everything they were about back in the 15th century. Perhaps you could use the classic pirate flag with a twist: A skull and crossbones on a black background, but the skull is clearly that of a camel.

Whatever you decide, just make it your own! For the record, here’s our how to start a micronation champion flag winner. Gnomansland.

best micronation flag gnomansland

What is the largest micronation?

The Federal Republic of New Potato Land is a micronation that has self-proclaimed jurisdiction in both the USA and Antarctic and covers over 2,266,000 square kilometers. This makes it the largest micronation on record and forms part of the United Republics of Antartica.

United Republics of Antartica

How to Start a micronation? Team up with others – URA

How to pick a national anthem?

Do you ever hear a national anthem and think, “Wow, this song is significantly better than Fireflies by Owl City”? Probably not. In fact, you probably think your country’s national anthem is significantly worse than Fireflies by Owl City, and you are correct.

Am I saying you need to choose Fireflies by Owl City for the national anthem of your micronation? No.

Am I saying it would be kind of very dumb of you to select any song other than Fireflies by Owl City as your micronation’s national anthem when Fireflies is clearly the superior song? Yes.

The only problem is the royalties. You will need to be prepared to fork over a few hundred bucks to use the song, but Owl City was a one-hit-wonder, so it should not break the bank.

Besides, you have your own (micro)nation now, why do you need to worry about money? That said, if you’ve learned nothing from our how to start a micronation guide, you would know that batting off a lawsuit, is nothing a small army couldn’t deal with.

Do I need an army?

I don’t know, let me ask you another question that should always precede the current question: Are you fine with the Queen of England walking into your micronation, busting down your door, and pushing you around? Well, are you??

If you answered no to that question, then you need an army. Does it need to be a big army? No.

You could basically just have a standing army of you and a few friends. Grab some slingshots, patrol the border, and make sure the Queen of England stays off your land!

What kind of government style?

This is really more a question of personal preference, but nobody asks how to start a micronation because they want to become a member in a self-created communist state.

Honestly? Fascism is the way to go. You made the micronation, so why not rule it as well? There is nothing stopping you. As long as you make sound, wise decisions, you and your few citizens should do well and flourish as a (micro)nation.

Whatever you do, do not take a page out of the book of Emperor Caligula, an ancient Roman ruler who made a few wacky rules and was generally seen as the worst leader of a nation in all of history.

He declared war on Neptune, Roman god of the seas, and made his men wade into the ocean and stab it with their swords for months. Needless to say, they lost the war. He also declared a horse as one of his senators. This may be a fine idea to boost morale in your micronation if you swap the horse with a particularly cute dog.

Rule with an iron fist or a gentle heart, but whatever you do, make sure you stay true to the goals you set for your micronation in the first place.

Currency and stamps?

What is the use of a micronation if you do not have some fun with it. Going off the theme of your flag, create some currency and stamps. They may not be useful anywhere except in your micronation, but why not!

Many current micronations create currency, stamps, and other memorabilia and sell it to tourists. This is a great way to trade your fake money for real money!

There you have it, how to start a micronation. Take this information in, digest it, and start your own kingdom today! Now, I’m off for guard duty protecting my beautiful Kingdom of Howtostartio.

how to start a micronation army

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