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In this new era where working remotely has abruptly become the norm, it is particularly important to create a space where you will be comfortable working and productive.

Small details can make a big difference and impact how creative, focused and efficient you can be.

Here are some steps to make the perfect work space. A list guide on how to start working from home.

Where to work from home

Independently of if you live in a studio apartment or a large house, there are still different options as to where to set up your office space. The bedroom – the kitchen – the dining room – the lounge – the loft – the garden – these all be great options according to your needs.

The Kitchen

How to start working from home - The Kitchen

How to start working from home? Another favourite is the kitchen. Particularly if you have an open plan kitchen this may work pretty well.

Whichever space you choose it is ideal that it has a tall ceiling and ample space, this will permit your ideas to be expansive also, and will help ease the claustrophobia and anxiety that some people get when working from home for long periods of time.

Plants help a lot in this sense also, seing some green and some colours really soothes the mind. Also it really depends on how your place is decorated. Ideally a minimalist decoration will be more suitable than a kitchen that is cluttered full of stuff.


Feeding time and getting energy from nutrition is so important, particularly when you are working for many hours at a time and may loose yourself in your work. It is important to check in with your body and take care of it.

Having healthy snacks around in the kitchen will help a lot. If your kitchen has a nice view then this is also soothing.


Nevertheless if you are working from the kitchen, you may be prone to weight gain, by constantly being tempted to eat. If this is something you struggle with then it is not recommended.

Also, sometimes taking too many breaks to prepare food may be an unnecessary distraction and waste time, even just making that extra cup of tea when you know you needn’t.

However occasionally taking these brakes may help stimulate your thoughts.

The key is to remove any distractions, so if you decide to use this space check in with yourself that it is not distracting you.

Remember the mind specially the subconscious may really often times be quite simple in how it works – whatever is in front of you or whatever is in your immediate circumstances will definitely have an impact on your thoughts, and thus how much work you get done.

Garden Rooms

How to start working from home - Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms and Garden Offices are becoming very popular nowadays. Through the space program, NASA discovered that plants provide a lot of comfort to humans in a work environment. Anything that will help you achieve inner peace and focus is very important.

How to start working from home? If the space is big enough and has a nice view, this may be ideal.

How to start working from home - Garden Offices

It could be just as great as working in the Garden, without the problem of having bad weather conditions. All those plants will provide necessary extra oxygen which can stimulate your progress.

If it is slightly separate from the house, it is less likely you will get distracted by other members of the household and it will be easier to find your quiet space.

Also, less likely to be distracted by noisy neighbours if you live in a densely populated area.


According to your needs and the architecture of the house other rooms may work better for you. However if you have the space or have a space that can be transformed into a Garden Room, then this is definitely a great option to look into.

The Bedroom

How to start working from home - The Bedroom

For some people the bedroom is the most important part of the house, for others quite the opposite.

How to start working from home in this space may be suitable for you if you have little mobility, need to conserve energy and rest periodically, or if you live in a studio.


If you are looking to jump into work straight after getting up and picking up your laptop, or if you work late at night, then setting up on the bed might be a good choice.

You will save time and will be able to get quite comfortable. If you are working on something creative this may be quite helpful.


Depending on how your room is decorated, it may be prone to distractions, particularly if you have a TV in the bedroom, or even books. There will always be the temptation to lay down and relax, which may be unproductive.

Also, sometimes it is important to get that high energy flowing, and if the bedroom is a place of relaxation then this may not be ideal.

Many suggest that the workplace should be different from your place of rest as it will get you in a different mindset and allow you to focus.

If focus isn’t your problem but rather are looking for comfort, then that is ok.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room - How to start working from home

How to start working from home – if you are lucky enough to live in a place that has a separate dining room space, or at least have a large dining area, then this might be ideal.

Often a dining room table can be outfitted to work just like an office table or a meeting room table. If you are receiving the odd person for business meetings at your place, this may work well.


If you have a large table, then you can spread out your things. Being close to the kitchen will be handy to get snacks.

How to start working from home - Sining Room


Depending on how many people you live with or if you are on your own, the space might be required for other things, such as eating, which means you may constantly have to clear the space, which may not work if you are involved in a long term project where you need several objects to be spread out on the table.

The Lounge

How To Start working from home - The Lounge

How to start working from home? Depending on how you have organised your place, the lounge may be a more social space or a place to watch TV.


If you have an ample lounge with a great view, this may be ideal. It may be a great balance between comfort and productivity.

If the lounge isn’t used for much else, it can be accommodated as a work space to lay out your things for a longer period of time.


Working from The Lounge may ruin your tranquil space, if this is your main rest and relaxation space.

Also you may be prone to distractions like the TV, books or other people from your household walking in.

If your sofas are too comfy they may tempt you to relax all too often.

The Loft

How to start working from home- the loft

How to start working from home – similarly to the lounge (or may be the same thing depending on the architecture) this could be a great option.

With the added perks that if it is upstairs the view will be better and it is likely you will find more quiet space as less people from the household are likely to climb up the stairs.

The Garden

How to start working from home - The Garden

When there is good weather and if you have a strong WiFi Internet connection, then the garden may be the best option for working from home.


Those open skies will inspire creativity and ease your mind. The plants will soothe you. The open space will allow you to move more freely. The fresh air will let you exercise a bit which increases oxygen to the brain.

How to start working from home - The Garden

Depending on if you have neighbours close by, it may be noisy or not and also prone to weather conditions.

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