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Luxe Home Interiors With Staple Accent Colours

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Luxe Home Interiors With Staple Accent Colours

Glossy white marble, gold fixtures, and high-end furniture all come together to instil a sense of enviable luxe into these large living spaces, bedroom designs and chic bathrooms. What makes each home design stand out though, is one solid staple accent colour that is utilised to create cohesivity between the open plan living zones, from scatter cushions in lavish lounges to upholstered dining chairs and plush bedroom accessories. The colourful elements work to enrich the intricacies of the interiors, which include custom-made feature walls of stone, textured gypsum, mirrored glass, classic moulding, and sumptuous upholstery. Grand modern chandeliers create a magical glow in each area, brightly illuminating the bespoke look.

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