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Modern House Design Ideas From Around the World

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A modern house design sets itself from others with its style. To understand better, here you’ll find modern house design ideas from around the world.  With modern homes, form follows function, so every feature has a purpose.

Modern House DesignView in gallery

Refined lines are a feature of minimalist design. 

What is a Modern House?

A modern home centers on family living. Modern homes are meant to make one feel welcomed and comfortable. They’re simple but also beautiful and inviting.

Modern House Interior Design Elements

The modern house interior design favors ease among other features.

Here are a few traits of modern style:

Clean Lines And Shapes

Simple and basic shapes are staples of modern design. The interior of a modern home will not have arches, fancy columns, or decoration. The homes feature basic and simple layouts.

Natural Light

Modern interior design relies on natural light. In this case, a home will have large open windows that allow for more sunlight. The light opens up the rooms so they feel bigger. 

Open floor plans

Most modern interiors have open floor plans. The design connects living and dining rooms, and kitchens. It creates a warm and open atmosphere.

Neutral colors

Modern interior design relies neutral colors and textures. The focus is on the design and shape of the each room. It’s easier to create focal points with color accents. 

Natural materials

Natural materials like wood and stone are traits of modern design. Exposed concrete is also common. 

Simple House Design Principles

Simple has many forms in modern homes. It’s based on ideas like: 

  • Form follows function – the idea that something serves a purpose and doesn’t follow an ideal.
  • Less is more – simplicity stresses function.
  • Austerity – a theme from Ludwig van der Rohe who said a good designer should “honor an economy of means.”
  • Open concept – in modern design, columns create large and open rooms.
  • Repetition – design elements are basic. For example, each room will have the same window designs.

3D Printed House Design

First 3D Printed HouseView in gallery

As 3D printing becomes cheaper, designers are learning how to use it better. A company in Texas, ICON, built a one-story 3D printed house in one day. 

Made with cement, the house has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and an office. The company aims to make 3D printed homes cheaper in underdeveloped areas.

10 Popular Architectural Styles For Houses

Finding your style is the first step in living in your dream home. There are many styles to choose from. Here are the 10 most popular home design styles:

A-Frame Houses

A-frame housesView in gallery

A-frame houses have pitched roofs and angled sides that form the letter ‘A.’ The roof can go all the way down to the foundation. It’s  practical for its snow-shielding ability.

Barn-style Houses

Aspen Art Barn House by RowlandBroughton ArchitectureView in gallery

This style is from the American barn. Barn-style homes have gambrel roofs and sliding doors. They also have windows and big outdoor areas.

Beach Houses

Modern Beach HousesView in gallery

Beach houses use their surroundings for scenery. The houses have large windows to frame each view and outdoor living space. They sit on stilts that protect them from water damage.

Cape Cod Houses

https://www.homedit.com/cape-cod-style-houses/View in gallery

Cape Cod houses were cottages with simple designs and small porches. Today’s Cape Cod homes are a combination of modern and traditional design. They’re also easy and simple.

Colonial Style Houses

Colonial style housesView in gallery

Colonial-style houses are rectangular by design. Large columns support the roof and covered front porches. Colonial homes have a balance and evenly-spaced windows.

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman style housesView in gallery

A craftsman home looks warm from the outside. The homes have gabled roofs with overhangs and shingles and covered front porches. Inside, craftsman-style homes feature exposed beams and rafters, pillars that line the entry, double-hanging windows, and single dormers.

Farmhouse Homes

Modern English FarmhouseView in gallery

Farmhouse homes look rustic and traditional The homes have a second floor with dormer windows and a gable roof. They look simple and cozy and feature shutters and large front or wraparound porches.

Country-Style Homes

Country-style homes have steep roofs and big porches. Some will feature dormer windows and look informal yet elegant. 

Bungalow Homes

Bungalow homes have one story and sometimes an attic that’s been converted. They’re often narrow and deep and have a detached garage. They also have gabled roofs with steep pitches and small porches with columns.

Contemporary Houses

Contemporary houses feature designs that focus on the latest trends. This means they follow changing designs. 

Modern Tree House Design

Modern Tree House DesignView in gallery

At first, tree houses were for children. But not all of them are like this design. Some modern tree houses serve as private retreats. 

The example above is by Malan Vorster. It’s a house made of four cylindrical towers that look like tree houses. The front towers sit on stilts and have glazed walls that frame each view.

House Design Ideas With a Modern Touch

Modern house designs and home decor come in many forms worldwide. The ease and beauty of each design inspires and touches all those who look at them.  

Modern House Architecture In South Africa

Modern South African HouseView in gallery

This modern 2-story home in Cape Town by Malan Vorster sits on a steep slope and has a ground floor that’s clad in natural stone.

Modern Three-Story House In Italy

Modern Three-Story House in ItalyView in gallery

Located close to Brescia, Italy, this house by LPArchitects and  Flussocreativo has three floors in a separate apartment. The ground floor decor is bright, colorful, and cheerful.

Modern Coastal House In Santa Cruz

Modern Coastal House in Santa CruzView in gallery

The Surf House by Feldman Architecture is in one of Santa Cruz’s best surf spots. The modern design makes the most of the coastal view. One of the best features is a large open deck that faces the Pacific Ocean.

Modern Rural House in Australia

Modern Rural House in AustraliaView in gallery

Gawthorne’s Hut by Cameron Anderson Architects is a 40-square meter home with a modern and sustainable design in Mudgee, Australia.

Modern Corten Steel Houses in Australia

Modern Corten Steel Houses in AustraliaView in gallery

The Birdhouses Studios are two modern houses that sit on a steep slope in Tasmania, Australia. From  Gillian van der Schans and clad in Corten steel, their exteriors will weather and offer a rusty patina, matching the landscape’s colors.

Modern A-frame Cabin in Minnesota

Modern A-frame cabin in MinnesotaView in gallery

The Minne Stuga House is a wooden chalet from the ’70s. It’s been modernized and brought back to life by studio Taiga Design+Build. They managed to turn it into a modern A-frame cabin for generations to come.

Modern Nautical-Themed Tiny House

Modern Nautical-Themed Tiny HouseView in gallery

This modern house on wheels from  Tiny House Baluchon. It has a simple form, red cedar exterior siding and a black aluminum roof. The nautical-themed vibe is a reference to its owner’s love for the sea.

Modern Cape Town House

Modern Cape Town HouseView in gallery

When studio Jenny Mills Architects renovated this house they replaced the old roof with a penthouse. This modern new addition transformed the residence helped it better communicate with its beautiful surroundings.

Modern Remote Cabin

Modern Remote CabinView in gallery

Cabana is a small and modern cabin from Liga Arquitetura e Urbanismo. It’s made of durable and sustainable materials and suited for remote locations. The modular cabin can be transported by a single truck.

Modern Off Grid Ursa House

Modern Off Grid Ursa HouseView in gallery

The Ursa house is small, mobile and packed with clever interior design features.  Madeiguincho designed it to function off grid. It has a rainwater collection system, and solar panels on the roof.

Two-Story Cabin in Thailand

Modern Two-Storey Cabin in ThailandView in gallery

This modern cabin by  Sher Maker has a long and narrow floor plan. Its two-storys tall, has lots of windows and a slanted metal roof. The cabin is also clad in burnt wood.

Small Prefab house in Iceland

Small Prefab house in IcelandView in gallery

This modern cabin house is in one of the most beautiful regions of Iceland. It was built off-site by studio Manta North to minimize its impact on the landscape. Assembling this house only took a few hours.

Old Shed Turned into A Modern House

Old Shed Turned into A Modern HouseView in gallery

This is a project by DAP Studio which begans as a renovation of an old tool shed. It evolved into what is now, a modern house with a rooftop swimming pool.

Shipping Container House

Shipping Container HouseView in gallery

This studio house is by Plano Livre has a modular structure made from 2 repurposed shipping containers. The interior design is fresh, modern, and color-coded.

Brick House in Canada

Brick House in CanadaView in gallery

The Nanton Residence is a project by  Wiedemann Architectural Design. It’s a four-story house  in Vancouver and clad in bricks. This gives it an eclectic look and helps it stand out against the landscape.

Board and Batten House On Wheels

Board and Batten House On WheelsView in gallery

The Pacific Harmony house by Handcrafted Movement is tiny and built on a triple axel Iron Eagle trailer. It has a charming board and batten exterior and a small cedar porch. Inside it has a cozy, practical and versatile design.

Canyon House in Texas

Canyon House in TexasView in gallery

The High House in Austin, Texas by RAVEL Architecture sits on a steep slope with a magnificent view. The house follows the curvature of the slope and receives support by a retaining wall.

Desert House in California

Desert House in CaliforniaView in gallery

Originally built in 1987, this house from Landers was renovated by Karen McAloon and turned into a modern desert retreat. One of its best features is a swimming pool made from a shipping container. 

Small Two-Storey Forest Cabin

Small Two-Storey Forest CabinView in gallery

The Metal Lark cabin sits on the edge of a Wisconsin forest. It’s small and built on stilts. Designed by Sala Architects, it  has two floors with large windows overlooking the valley.

Wood Siding Forest House in Russia

Wood Sidding Forest House in RussiaView in gallery

The Hill House by Horomystudio and has a black exterior. It blends into the forest and mountain and it has large windows that let the outdoors in. Its modern design is enhanced by natural materials.

Water Tower House

Water Tower HouseView in gallery

This house is unique for a very simple reason: it used to be a water tower. The transformation into a modern home was done by architect Tonkin Liu. The UK house resembles a small and modern castle from a distance.

Sicilian Retreat

Sicilian RetreatView in gallery

Villa Cozzo Tre Venti is a remote retreat designed by Andrea Marlia. It has a simple and modern design inspired by the local vernacular and landscape. Its walls are covered with lime plaster and help it blend into the environment.

Minimalist Tokyo House

Minimalist Tokyo HouseView in gallery

From Atoshi Kurosaki and APOLLO Architects & Associates, the house is small but also inspiring. It has a dark exterior that helps it stand out and a minimalist and airy interior. Inside spaces with different functions coexist in harmony.

Modern Container Home in Costa Rica

Modern Container Home in Costa RicaView in gallery

This exotic two-bedroom retreat from Uvita, Costa Rica is made from two shipping containers. Its prizes feature is the enclosed courtyard. It has a big patio with outdoor seating and a dining area.

House Over a Pond

House Over a PondView in gallery

From Cutler Anderson Architects, the house was chosen for the beautiful artificial pond which became a main feature of  its design. The house is like a bridge that stretches over the water.

Modern Concrete House

Modern Concrete HouseView in gallery

The 160 House is by MIDE Architetti offers a minimalist exterior appearance is given by the use of exposed concrete. Inside the ambiance is very warm and inviting thanks to the natural wood.

Australian House

Australian HouseView in gallery

The house designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects in Sydney is quite unusual. Unlike most Australian homes, its social spaces are on the upper floor. This gives them a better view of the beautiful landscape.

Modern Waterfront Residence

Modern Waterfront ResidenceView in gallery

Once a house in ruin, this building was transformed by architect Carlos Swick into a modern lakeside retreat. It has a water-focused design with big open spaces and large windows. Also, the building is raised above ground and seems to be floating.

Modern Off Grid Retreat

Modern Off Grid RetreatView in gallery

This gem designed by architect Nadine Engelbrecht is complete off the grid. It’s located in a remote part of South Africa, small and practical. It has loft bedrooms and cozy multifunctional areas.

Multigenerational House

Modern Multigenerational HouseView in gallery

The modern and minimalist house designed by The Grid Architects is a home to three generations of loving family members. It has multiple indoor-outdoor connections and a practical floor plan with both shared and private areas.

Cantilevered Concrete House

Cantilevered Concrete HouseView in gallery

This modern shelter house from Portugal is designed by studio Carvalho Araújo. It’s cantilevered over the edge of a steep slope with gorgeous views of a mountain. The design is simple and organic. It includes a rooftop deck with a lap pool.

Modern Windmill House

Modern Windmill HouseView in gallery

This cool retreat in Norfolk, England used to be a windmill. It’s now a modern little house with a James Bond-inspired theme. The circular layout makes it feel extra cozy inside.

Arizona House

Arizona HouseView in gallery

This family house from Phoenix, Arizona is designed by The Ranch Mine. Many of its indoor areas are mirrored outside. For example, there’s an outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining area and several lounge areas.

Concrete House in Paraguay

Concrete House in ParaguayView in gallery

Studio Bauen went to great lengths to design a modern house with minimal impact on the land. They also made sure this beautiful retreat from San Bernadino, Paraguay gets to take advantage of its amazing surroundings.

Rural House

Rural HouseView in gallery

This wooden house has a simple and linear design. It has minimal impact on the rural plot that it occupies. Inside, the small footprint elaves room for only the main necessities. This is a design by Fábrica de casas

Modern Weekend Retreat

Modern Weekend RetreatView in gallery

This is a house located in India and built by studio SAK Designs. It serves as a serene weekend retreat. Its indoor and outdoor areas feel very nature-oriented and harmonious. 

Minimalist House in Poland

Minimalist House in PolandView in gallery

This modern residence occupies a flat piece of land in Poland. From studio RS+ Robert Skitek, the home features a minimalist and clean aesthetic. It features a double-height living room and a large kitchen with a massive island.

Modern-Industrial House

Modern-Industrial HouseView in gallery

The Mao House by Di Frenna Arquitectos is in Colina, Mexico. It features a simple and raw palette of materials and a strong industrial look. The double-height entryway gives it a grand and impressive feel.

Modern Shipping Container Rental

Modern Shipping Container RentalView in gallery

The Green Creek Shipyard is a shipping container house that you can rent via Airbnb in North Carolina. It has a kitchen, a living and dining area, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The main entrance features a glass garage door.

Modern Pavilion House

Modern Pavilion HouseView in gallery

You can find this glass pavilion house in Mangawhai, New Zealand. It’s designed by Cheshire Architects with solid concrete floors and glazed walls on all sides. The private areas are inside three tapered cylinders.

Sloped House in Portugal

Sloped House in PortugalView in gallery

The house from Hugo Pereira Arquitetos fits between the existing cork trees. Its modern design features sloped facades and a clean and sharp geometry. Full-height windows bring the beauty of nature inside.

Mid-Century Modern Triplex in Montreal

Mid-Century Modern Triplex in MontrealView in gallery

Studio Dupont Blouin Architects gave this triplex a complete makeover. They went with a simple design with mid-century modern details. It features quirky design elements such as a playful mural in the backyard. 

Waterfront Retreat

Modern waterfront retreatView in gallery

This family retreat began as a separate house and a cabin. The two structures were connected with a stone wall and turned into this modern waterfront house by  Coates Design studio. 

Tree House

Tree HouseView in gallery

This little house in Yucatan, Mexico known as”Life on the Tree.” It’s designed by studio LAAR and is raised off the ground, among the tree tops. 

Modern Family Resort

Modern Family ResortView in gallery

This family resort was designed by HMA2 Architects with flexibility in mind. It’s both a cozy everyday home and a wonderful retreat. Inside, each room is big and airy, with high ceilings and large windows.

Modern Californian Ranch House

Modern Californian Ranch HouseView in gallery

This ranch house was built in 1956. Studios Assembledge and Alexander Design Build transformed it into a modern house. The project added a second floor to the existing structure.

Small Cliffside Cabin

Small Cliffside CabinView in gallery

The Clear Rock Lookout by Lemmo Architecture and Design sits on a cliff in Johnson City, Texas. It’s small and functions off the grid. The exterior features weathering steel panels.

Small Church turned Into A House In Spain

Small Church turned into a House in SpainView in gallery

This abandoned 16th century church was transformed by Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos. Today, it’s a modern home. A big part of it was preserved, like the exterior. The interior is shabby but inviting.

Playful Family House in Australia

Playful Family House in AustraliaView in gallery

The Totoro House by CplusC Architectural Workshop takes its inspiration from the animation of Studio Ghibli. It has a modern, playful and quirky design. It features big circular windows and a cheerful overall vibe.

Arched Suburban House

Arched Suburban HouseView in gallery

The geometry of this modern suburban house is by Fabian Tan Architects. The house has an arched concrete extension with oversized wooden doors. Its simplicity is matched by its beauty.

Minimalist Family House in Malaysia

Minimalist Family House in MalaysiaView in gallery

The Makio House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Fabian Tan Architects has a minimalist yet inviting style. One of its defining design features is a wooden custom staircase.

Barn Studio

Barn StudioView in gallery

The Art Barn is a modern studio in Dartmoor, UK. It was an agricultural building until architect Thomas Randall-Page converted it into a stylish art studio with a display area for sculptures and an archive.

Modern House of Mirrors

Modern House of MirrorsView in gallery

The Invisible House in Los Angeles by architect Tomas Osinsk has a steel frame and is clad in mirrored glass panels. It blends into the landscape, becoming invisible from a distance.

Modern Hollywood Home

Modern Hollywood HomeView in gallery

This private residence in West Hollywood designed by Olson Kundig. It overlooks the mountains and ocean and features an expressive design. The facade is a mix of contrasting shapes, colors and finishes.

Japanese-Inspired Australian House

Japanese-Inspired Australian HouseView in gallery

The Shutter House in Wmbley, Australia has a Japanese style. The unique design is the result of the combined effort between studios Mobilia and State of Kin

Modern Cottage House

Modern Cottage HouseView in gallery

The Rag Doll in Belgium features a modern cottage style. Designed by Delmulle Delmulle Architecten, the home is a combination of old and new. The bottom section is clad in glass while the remaining structure has  opaque walls.

Prefab House in Latvia

Prefab House in LatviaView in gallery

Built off-site, this house by Open AD studio had little impact on its environment. The pre-fab structure was assembled on-site.  

Modern Japanese House

Modern Japanese HouseView in gallery

The Eaves House by studio mA-style architects in Japan resembles a right-angled triangle. Its roof slopes on one side forming an eave. On the opposite side, a tall straight wall features prominently.

Green Lakeside House

Green Lakeside HouseView in gallery

This holiday home sits on the edge of a lake, surrounded by lush greenery. Designed by KRADS, it features a green roof which helps it blend into its environment.

Modern Concrete House in Georgia

Modern Concrete House in GeorgiaView in gallery

Surrounded by structures, this house by NOA Studio features a tiered design. To ensure privacy, the living spaces sit between two gardens, with one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Modern House Designs Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Modern Clean Home Design?

A modern clean home design features unbroken clean lines. The clean lines represent modern architectural and design periods that use contemporary decorating styles.  

A clean home is rectilinear in shape. Rectilinear homes have straight sides and right angles. They look like two rectangles joined together.

How Can I Give A Traditional Home A Modern Twist?

When redesigning a traditional home to give it a modern look, you want to expand upon open layouts. Increase the amount of daylight and indoor-outdoor setups. Install bigger windows with uninterrupted glass.

Wood floors and hard-wood bed boards look great with steel appliances and industrial light fixtures.

What Is Ultra-Modern House Design?

Ultra-modern homes blend in with nature on the exterior. On the inside, the home offers wide interior views. The idea is you want the inside to feel like outside. Ultra-modern living turns indoor living into an outdoor experience. But more than anything, comfort is the goal.

Modern Home Design Conclusion

Modern home designs are spacious. They bring in natural light to your home which save you money in the long run. As a home design, they are aesthetically pleasing and offer plenty of room to customize according to your needs. More than anything, they are environmentally friendly.

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