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Pink Wallpaper Can Work For Any Room

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Pink Wallpaper Can Work For Any Room

Pink wallpaper can be bold, soft, or somewhere in between. Unlike a neutral wallpaper, it will always make a statement, no matter the pattern on it. However, pink wallpaper often gets put into a box.

Pink Wallpaper

Pink wallpaper isn’t just for a teenage girl’s bedroom. You can use pink wallpaper in any room and it can look like it was meant to be. You just need to find out which type of pink wallpaper is right for you.

Why Choose Pink Wallpaper?

Why Choose Pink WallpaperView in gallery
Image from Instagram

Pink wallpaper isn’t for everyone. So you need to find out if it is for you. The best way to do that is to find your favorite pink wallpaper and how you want to use it. It can be used in any room in the house.

However, some types of pink wallpaper look better in certain rooms. You probably don’t want to use clutter wallpaper in the kitchen while you may want something bolder in the bathroom. But this is all about preference.

The reason to choose pink wallpaper is that you want to stand out and prove that not only can you make pink wallpaper work, but you can also make it shine. So read on if this is your goal when choosing wallpaper.

Pink Wallpaper Aesthetic

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How do you create a pink wallpaper aesthetic? The word aesthetic is an art term more than it is a technical term. It literally means the appreciation of beauty. It is based on the viewer’s taste so it works alongside preference.

Pink And White Wallpaper

Pink And White WallpaperView in gallery
Iameg from Jessica Cain

Pink and white are a classic duo. It doesn’t matter if the pink is barely there or if it is a bold hot pink. This duo has been working together for ages and it isn’t about to stop now. So choose your pink and choose your white.

If you choose a soft pink then creamy white matches well. If you choose a bold pink then a bright white looks good. Anything in-between is subject to your preference and the exact shade of pink.

The Feature Wall

The Feature WallView in gallery
Image from Creative Group Interiors

If you want to start out by experimenting, then a feature wall is what you need. Paint three walls a solid color and then add wallpaper to the wall in the bedroom, behind the bed. This is creative and makes a statement.

Only putting wallpaper on one wall is also a good way to save money. Paint is cheaper than wallpaper and you can always find paint that suits you on sale. But wallpaper isn’t always on sale nor is there a wide variety when there is a sale.

The Hidden Pattern

Bedroom pink wallpaperView in gallery
Image from Kim Armstrong

Pink can stand alone without a pattern at all. But if you want a pattern on your pink wallpaper yet also want it to be solid, there is a solution. Just get a wallpaper with a faint pattern with a base color of pink.

When you choose a pattern, try to choose something that you can’t see from afar. The effect will impress anyone. Just prepare for questions and people touching your wallpaper, asking for proof of what they see.

Secondary Pink

Secondary PinkView in gallery
Iamge from Jarvis & Co. Interiors, LLC

Pink doesn’t have to be the primary color for pink wallpaper. It can be the secondary color. The background color can be the primary color with details on the wallpaper being pink. This is soft and natural.

But it can also be bold. Neon colors can be the backdrop for your pink. But if you choose something bright, try to choose a bright pink to go along with it to create a pleasant and cohesive overall appearance.

Textured Pink Wallpaper

Textured Pink WallpaperView in gallery
Image from The Room Co.

Step up your game with textured pink wallpaper by getting wallpaper that either looks textured or actually is textured. Not only does it look good but it’s a lot of fun too. So try it out, or view them in the store.

Textured wallpaper comes in many different types. You can get denim wallpaper or wallpaper with swirls of bumpy flowers. This is similar to wall texture types but it is applied just like wallpaper.

Your Favorite Things

Your Favorite ThingsView in gallery
Image from Brett Design

Try choosing those details that make you smile for your wallpaper. Arrows and feathers always do it for me. Whatever it is can likely be found in pink wallpaper form. Especially if it is a simple design.

Other simple designs that are easy to find include landscapes, flowers of any kind, and any type of silhouette. If you have something more abstract and obscure then you may have to search harder to find it.

You Can’t Overdo It

You Can't Overdo ItView in gallery

The only way you can overdo a pink wallpaper aesthetic is to make it too much for you. If it is too much for someone else but you love it, then it isn’t too much. So go bold if that’s what makes you smile.

The point is that you are the one buying and installing the wallpaper. The only person who needs to fall in love with it is you. This is true for anything in your home. The wallpaper is your love, so make it yours.

Touches Of Pink

Colorful butterflyView in gallery
Image from Summer Thornton Design, Inc

It’s quite possible that you don’t want “pink wallpaper” but wallpaper with pink on it. That is not a problem. The smallest touch of pink can make a difference and shine in any room. It can even be more tasteful than bold pink.

Start by looking through some wallpaper options that have a neutral color as the background color. From there, find ones that have small splashes of pink. These can be floral, geometric, or something unique.

Think Outside The Pink Box

Think Outside The Pink BoxView in gallery
Image from Erika Bierman Photography

Your pink can be any style that you want it to be. Pair it with other bold colors or stick with a color like peach. Colors like peach are considered pink but are also a color in their own right. Just like coral.

Then you have colors like mauve which are rosy and pleasant. Pair soft pinks with periwinkle for a dynamic duo. They can brighten up any room, just make sure you keep it smelly fresh with a candle to adjust the mood accordingly.

Mix And Match Wallpaper

Mix And Match WallpaperView in gallery

Mixing and matching wallpaper isn’t the most popular thing to do but it can be the most rewarding thing to do. If you make one wall have one wallpaper and the other with another wallpaper, you have more room for designing.

Plus, if you can’t decide which wallpaper to choose then you don’t have to. You just use both. You can also use four different wallpapers but that can be overwhelming. Two will offer the most balance.

Best Pink Wallpaper To Buy Online

Best Pink Wallpaper To Buy OnlineView in gallery

Wayfair has the best selection of wallpaper that you can find online. Their prices are fair, they have sales regularly, and they have a huge selection in stock. Their pink wallpaper is a solid choice, and here are some of the best ones.

Rifle Paper Co. Solid Pink Wallpaper 

This solid wallpaper is the place to start because it’s not too busy and it’s not too boring. The texture and color of the wallpaper make it special without being overwhelming to look at. Isn’t it fantastic?

You can actually get this exact wallpaper in seven different colors, but pink may be the most beautiful. If you want a safe choice when it comes to pink wallpaper, this is by far the safest choice that you can’t go wrong with.

Cateleya Gingham Wallpaper

Gingham is a pattern closely related to checkered. The difference is that with gingham, the secondary color is not solid, but opaque. The result is adorable and unique, with two or three tones of the secondary color.

There are five different colors of this wallpaper, but the pink gingham is a winner. It is cottagecore and trendy. The wallpaper is less than a dollar per square foot so you will be saving money with this pick.

Mitstana Leopard Skin Wallpaper

No leopards were harmed in the making of this wallpaper but teenagers will slay with it. There is a European quality to it that is just abstract and vague enough that you can interpret however you wish.

There are four colors though three of the colors are neutral colors. The fourth color is pink and it makes a statement like no other wallpaper can. Don’t forget to match it with animal print throw pillows.

Bloomsbury Market Wallpaper

This sweet pink wallpaper with gold accents is stunning. The idea of the wallpaper is the “bring the outside in with a beautiful on-trend palette” and that’s exactly what happened. There’s not much to say about it.

From baby’s breath to Queen Anne’s lace, soft flowers with soft aesthetics are always trending. This wallpaper is perfect for any cottage, modern house, or beach house. You can’t go wrong with this pick.

House Of Hampton Skye Wallpaper

This House Of Hampton wallpaper comes in four colors and two of them are pink. There is a french rose pink on the backdrop of a plum color. Then there is the pink candy floss with pastels and whites.

The other two colors look great but if you want those vintage vibes or Victorian living room, then the French rose is for you. For happy and joyful vibes then candy floss is the wallpaper that will never get old.

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