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Stylish Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas From Instagram

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Mid-century modern living room designs have returned. Stylish mid-century modern living room ideas from Instagram will inspire your next home design project. After you learn more, you’ll understand why people are using this style in their homes.

Mid-Century Modern Living RoomView in gallery

A good source for design inspiration is Instagram, and that’s where we discovered these living room styles.

Enjoy the following mid-century modern living rooms that will inspire you.

What is Mid-Century Modern Style?

What is Mid-Century Modern Style?View in gallery

Mid-century modern style interior design and décor began in the US. German Bauhaus designers started the movement. After WW II, more European architects and designers moved to major US cities.

American designers used Bauhaus in their work.

Notable designers from this period include Charles and Ray Eames, Herman Miller, Arne Jacobsen, Isamu Noguchi. They had a unique style while adhering to the mid-century modern approach. The style is defined by clean lines while emphasizing functional space.

4 Key Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture and home decor share a few key details. The early designers were interested in functional spaces and found ways to make them elegant.

Key Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern FurnitureView in gallery

Common traits of mid-century modern furniture:


One characteristic of mid-century modern design is the furniture. Known for its simple and sleek lines, furniture from this period influences materials designers use.

Mid-century modern furniture isn’t bulky. Each piece looks lightweight and balanced.

Material diversity

Natural materials are part of mid-century modern design for their simplicity and beauty. Wooden furniture is the preferred choice. One common style is teak wood. The wood is rich in color and durable.

Mid-century modern design is a mixture of materials and blends natural with man-made finishes. Each element is valued for its style.

Fusion with nature

Fusion with nature emphasizes the relationship between man and nature, and architecture with landscape. Mid-century modern interior design features large windows, plants, and natural materials. Other elements ensure cohesion with indoor and outdoor spaces.

Neutral colors

Mid-century modern decors focus on neutral shades like white, black, taupe, beige, and wood tones. The style celebrates the earthy color spectrum. Clean, open spaces are the preferred choices.

With accented colors, you’ll find bright, rich hues contrasting with primary neutral tones.

Mid-century modern living room ideas

Every space is special, so you might not use the defining characteristics of mid-century modern the same way in different contexts. These beautiful living rooms show how the style has been adapted and customized to meet specific needs and preferences.

An elegant leather sofa

An elegant leather sofaView in gallery

Leather sofas are a staple of mid-century modern design. If you want the perfect centerpiece for your living room, this could be it.

Check out this beautiful design shared by @eichlerpalms to get a better idea of what this could look like in context.

A glamorous coffee table

A glamorous coffee tableView in gallery

You can also expect a mid-century modern living room to feature a glamorous-looking coffee table like the one shown here by @archdigest. The room’s sculpture design and mirrored finish help it stand out.

Rich finishes and colors

Rich finishes and colorsView in gallery

In this calm living room design from @sarahshermansamuel the ceiling is painted white. The effect is like a clean blank canvas for the furniture and decorations.

The blue modern chair accents the room. With the mirror-finished brass coffee table, the chair makes for a striking combination.

Modern fireplace design

Modern fireplace designView in gallery

Instead of a fireplace you’d expect in a rustic setting, a mid-century modern living room offers a sleek and simple fireplace as a focal point.

You’ll notice there isn’t a mantel in this design shared by @sugarspiceanderrrthingnice, which adds to the room’s style.

Neutrals and metallic accents

Neutrals and metallic accentsView in gallery

The color palette of a mid-century modern living room should be simple and neutral. You’ll notice the accent colors are metallic nuances like gold or copper, which pair well with black or other dark colors.

Check out this elegant design by @brooketestoni for more inspiration.

Lots of natural light

Lots of natural lightView in gallery

Compared with others, mid-century modern emphasizes natural light.

This translates into architectural and design elements such as big floor-to-ceiling windows, sheer curtains, or with this design by @em_henderson, bay windows with a stylish sitting area.

Natural wood tones

Natural wood tonesView in gallery

Wood is timeless and fits every style in different ways. If we’re talking about a mid-century modern living room through some of the methods used to include wood with the design are found in this post from @shedarchitecture.

The wooden floor, ceiling, and custom furniture add warmth and comfort to the room.

Cozy Mid-Century Living Room Textures

Cozy Mid-Century Living Room TexturesView in gallery

The simplicity that defines the modern, and by extension mid-century modern styles, is accented with neutral colors and a lack of decorative details.

You can achieve a balance with rich and cozy textures, layered fabrics, and elements that make a room warm and inviting, like this living area shared by @anniewisedesign.

Exposed beams

Exposed beamsView in gallery

Take advantage of a room’s architecture. You can use elements to emphasize certain details.

For example, this living room shared by @medulainteriors has a white slanted ceiling with wooden beams that match the other wood details like the window frames or furniture.

Pattern and color

Pattern and colorView in gallery

Neutral colors are popular, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them for your living room decor.

You may prefer a mix of bold, vibrant colors and patterns that look cool. One example is the living room design shared by @house_of_saxon_and_finn.

Soft and delicate curves

Soft and delicate curvesView in gallery

The mid-century modern style makes extensive use of curves and soft lines for furniture and decorations.

The sofa’s curvy design along with the coffee table and lampshade add to this  modern living room by @minncenturymod.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Accessories

Mid-Century Modern Living Room AccessoriesView in gallery

It’s not the room that should look good, but each element in its design. Little things make a big difference, like the accent chair with its curved back and slender metal legs or the stylish wall sconce.

Check out @merrilymodern for additional inspiration.

Strong but soothing colors

Strong but soothing colorsView in gallery

With palette colors, there’s more than one way to use materials or finishes for a room’s design.

You can make a mid-century modern living room look soothing with light neutral colors or darker and richer nuances like this blue or grey featured by @merrilymodern.

Bringing the outdoors in

Bringing the outdoors inView in gallery

In addition to adding natural light, another way of bringing the outdoors inside is decorating the living room with large plants.

Hang plants from the ceiling or put them in the corners. A nice example is this design shared by @bamaluzhome.

Wall decorMid century wall decorView in gallery

Enliven your mid-century modern living room with art. Creating a gallery wall with paintings could make your room inviting and cozy.

A comfy chair and small table would be enough to turn it into a reading corner.

Inspiration from @designandnicethings.

An eclectic approach

An eclectic approachView in gallery

Mid-century modern is versatile. You can use it with other styles like contemporary or industrial.

Emphasize key architectural elements and design details like a tall ceiling or stylish sitting area. For more inspiration visit @2rom.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style a mid-century living room?

There are many ways you can style a mid-century living room. You can start by investing in wooden furniture. Creating an illusion of space with sleek furniture is the goal.

Aim for symmetry and balance. Do not be afraid to try a Scandinavian design. For colors, use a primary color palette.

What are the popular colors for mid-century modern living rooms?

The most popular color for mid-century modern living rooms is magnolia home morning calm. Another color is eden home magnolia.
The hues are like Like teal. Aqua is popular and offers versatility.

The cool blue aqua hue adds light without making the room too bright. You can use it in a bedroom with white accents or wood tones for a calm and relaxing feel.

What is the best way to soften a mid-century modern living room?

The best way to soften a mid-century modern living room is with tufted furniture. The furniture’s clean lines and sharpness are key elements to the style. Tufted furniture is a great way to soften and tone down a room’s intensity.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Conclusion

Mid-century modern living rooms feature a clean, simple style that emphasizes the outdoors in an indoor atmosphere. The decor features sharp and angular structures. If modern living is what you’re after, then mid-century is for you.

Before you decide on a style, do some research and create a budget. There are many styles to choose from and at different price targets. Today’s trends include unpainted wood decor, stone textures, plants, wicker furniture, and ceramic pieces. Whatever you decide, make sure you have some fun.

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