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The 18 Coolest Kids’ Beds from Instagram

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The 18 Coolest Kids’ Beds from Instagram

Although in a way kids’ beds are just a smaller version of regular-sized beds, that’s not all there is to it. There’s a lot more to consider when buying a kid’s bed beside the size.

kids beds

There are actually different types of beds with different and specific functions and it’s also important to know when and how to transition from one type of bed to another.

Common Kid Bed Types

Some of these types you may already be familiar with and some may be a novelty to you. Either way, it’s good to know what’s out there before you make a decision.

Common Kids Bed TypesView in gallery

Here are a few of the most common types of beds for kids that you can choose from:

Cot beds

A cot bed is very similar to a regular cot but with removable sides and also a removable end panel. These elements allow the cot to be easily converted into a toddler bed which makes the transition easy and seamless. Also, cot beds are a bit more spacious than regular cots.

Single beds

A single bed is what comes next after a toddler bed. It’s bigger compared to a toddler bed, being the standard bed size for a single person. Keep in mind that the standard dimensions however can differ based on you geographic location. For example, the standard single bed size in the UK is considered 200 cm x 99 cm while in the EU it’s 190cm x 90cm.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are very useful when you have more than one kid and limited floor space. A bunk bed is a type of bed where one bed frame is stacked on top of another. This way you can have two or more beds occupy the same floor space as one. Their designs and styles can further be categorized into more subsections.

Cabin beds

A cabin bed is more than a bed. It’s a multipurpose piece of furniture where the bed is raised on a platform and there’s space underneath which can be used for storage or where you can fit a desk or something else. Cabin beds come in different sizes and styles and there’s lots of ways in which you can personalize them to suit your child’s needs.

Loft beds

A loft bed is basically a single bed that’s raised off the floor on supports or on a platform. This frees up the space underneath and allows it to be used for something else. In a way it’s a simplified version of a cabin bed.

Beautiful kids’ beds from Instagram

Already settled on a type of bed that you want to but or build for your kid? Or perhaps you’re still unsure and would like to seek some inspiration online. Either way, these beautiful kids’ beds from Instagram will hopefully make the decision-making process easier.

Cute canopy bed yet practical

Cute canopy bed yet practicalView in gallery

Ideally, you’d be able to find a good balance between what’s practical and what looks good when choosing your child’s bed. This one shared by  @nasz_swiat_moimi_oczami looks absolutely lovely with the little canopy and all the decorations. At the same time, it’s safe and practical.

Triple bedroom beds

Triple bedroom bedsView in gallery

Although they’re very space-efficient, bunk beds are not always the right answer. Take for example this beautiful kids’ bedroom design shared by @bocadolobo. It makes use of three individual single beds all with matching nightstands and a beautiful wall frame to connect them all seamlessly.

Bunk beds with a matching desk

Bunk beds with a matching deskView in gallery

In a situation like this one when the floor space is limited, bunk beds can be a real lifesaver. This design shared by @deroseesa just how space-efficient bunk beds can be and how beautiful they can look when custom-designed for a particular space. The matching desk complements these two beds perfectly and makes great use of that corner space.

Cute house-shaped bed

Cute house-shaped bedView in gallery

This toddler bed design shared by @my_fantasyroom is absolutely adorable. The house-shaped frame, the curtains, and the lights create such a cozy atmosphere plus the bed is very practical and kid-friendly because the mattress sits directly on the floor, making it safe and accessible. 

Beautiful and functional

Beautiful and functionalView in gallery

This design shared by @flexausa is based on the cabin bed type. What’s cool is that there’s a second bed here in addition to the one on top of the platform. Also, the whole design is very space-savvy. The stairs for example double as bookshelves. 

An actual house bed

An actual house bedView in gallery

This interesting variation of the typical house bed or bunk bed shows that bedtime can be pretty fun. The design is shared by @tinamariegreen and, as you can see, there’s all sorts of ways in which you can make such a toddler bed personalized with seasonal or festive decorations. 

A simple bed with cute accessories

A simple bed with cute accessoriesView in gallery

When transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed or to a single bed, the new design can seem pretty bare and scary to a kid. Make it look cute and inviting by adding accessories like this adorable mushroom-shaped nightstand. Check out @kidofthevillage for more ideas.

Loft bed with curtains

Loft bed with curtainsView in gallery

Loft beds are great because they leave all that space underneath that can be used for something else. It could be super fun to turn it into a little play area or a tent-like space by adding curtains and creating a little enclosed nook for the kids to hide in. We got this idea from @sarahslovelythings.

Framed single bed

Framed single bedView in gallery

Keep in mind that there’s all sorts of variations of the basic kid bed types to consider. For example, check out this super cute single bed design shared by @berkshiretownhouse. It has a frame and a little crawl space underneath. Also, the jungle-themed room decor is wonderful.

Built-in protective railing design

Built-in protective railing designView in gallery

One of the defining characteristics of a toddler bed is the fact that it has protective railings that prevent kids from falling off the edge in their sleep. In this design shared by @kasia_pinkowskaa  these are seamlessly built into the bed’s frame with curved cut-outs on either side where the child can easily get in and out of the bed.

Custom bunk beds with the climbing platform

Custom bunk beds with the climbing platformView in gallery

Getting into the top bunk is actually easy and fun in this case because there’s more one way to do it. The ladder is the option we’ve come to expect from most bunk beds but this one also has a climbing platform. The design shared @brakiasitoys shows not just a couple of kids’ beds but also a fun playground.

Single bed with a colored frame

Single bed with a colored frameView in gallery

Even if the bed is simple like a single bed it can still look cute. A-frame in a fun and playful color can make a big difference, helping the bed to fit into the child’s room decor seamlessly. Check out this little explorer-themed room design shared by @thebasketroom for inspiration.

House bed with railings

House bed with railingsView in gallery

House-shaped beds are really cute even when the design is simple like the one shared here by @by_camillak. The wooden frame in this case has low railings on all sides and the mattress is only slightly raised off the floor. Add curtains or string lights to personalize the bed further and to add atmosphere to the room.

A perfect fit for an angled roof

A perfect fit for an angled roofView in gallery

Here’s a situation when a house-shaped bed is simply perfect for the child’s room. The slanted ceiling featured in this design shared by @nas_maly_domek has the same angle as the bed’s frame. This helps the bed fit snugly against the wall and makes it a perfect fit for the room.

Cabin bed

Cabin bed with the windowView in gallery

You can choose a cabin at first for its functional and space-efficient design but then you can find ways to also customize it and make it cute. For example, this design shared by @flexausa has a cute window with a box planter on the outside and a cozy sitting space underneath.

Bed and desk combo

Bed and desk comboView in gallery

Whether it’s a bunk bed with a desk or a cabin bed with a desk underneath or to the side, this combination is very fitting for a child’s bedroom. Another idea, if you want to save space, is to have a desk that you can roll underneath a platform bed when not in use. Check out @flexausa for some more inspiration.

Toddler bed with canopy

Toddler bed with canopyView in gallery

One of accessories you can add to a toddler bed to make it look nicer and to help it feel cozy is a hanging canopy. You can have a small one hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room over the side where the pillow is. For more ideas check out @kidswoodlove.

Double house bed with string lights

Double house bed with string lightsView in gallery

Add string lights to a child’s bed to give it a fantasy-inspired look and also to seamlessly add mood lighting to the room. Leave these on at bedtime and set them on a timer if you want them to automatically turn off. Either way, designs like the one shared by @hideseekkids are very inspiring in this sense. This one is a double bed with a cute house-shaped frame.

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