Tips for pre-wedding workouts for brides by Katrina Kaif’s trainer

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These pre-wedding workouts are just the right thing to do before you get ready and walk the aisle, dear brides-to-be, according to Katrina Kaif’s trainer.

“Dulhan ho toh Katrina Kaif jaisi!” Haven’t you all swooned over what a gorgeous bride the Bollywood actress made during her nuptials with actor Vicky Kaushal? The ‘aww’-inspiring designer ensembles and accessories aside, Katrina’s glowing skin and fit-and-fab body frame added to the look. Yes, we know that her profession requires her to look a certain way, but that level of fitness is something she has achieved with consistent and dedicated efforts. Nevertheless, if you wish to feel fitter for your D-day and beyond – Katrina’s famous fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has some handy tips for you.

Considering it’s the wedding season, we’re sure a lot of girls – brides or not – would want to take a cue from it. A month or two before the wedding is a crucial time period before your big day, and the responsibilities of being the bride can weigh you down. But remember to take time out to carry out a fitness routine, because it can even keep your worries duly in check.

Even if you have not been hitting the gym regularly because of all the shopping and revelry, Yasmin Karachiwala has got you girls covered! She posted a video on pre-wedding workouts on her Instagram page, and captioned it: “It’s wedding season, so here’s a quick one for all you brides out there! Everyone works out to look and feel in the best shape for the big day, and here’s a workout to do RIGHT BEFORE you shower and get ready so that your body is looking in its best shape.”

Here are tips for 5 pre-wedding workouts, recommended by Karachiwala:

  1. Kneeling Squat + Thrust

Karachiwala shows a modified form of kneeling squats which includes thrust as well. This exercise is super easy and can be performed anywhere – and is especially great to be included in your list of pre-wedding workouts.

Benefits of kneeling squats and thrust:

  • Builds lower-body strength
  • Great for strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps
  • A great core strengthening exercise that can be performed anywhere
  • Versatile and can be performed with bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands
  • Activates the glutes without having to perform larger hip thrusting movements
  • Develops, power, strength, and stability
  • Strengthens the lower back and stabilizer muscles
  • Improves posture and reduces pain
  • Improves bone density
  • Eases daily activitiesCheck out the video here:

    2. Narrow Squat + Front & Back Kick

Karachiwala suggests the “kick front and back!”


  • Stand with your feet close together
  • Lower into a squat
  • Stand while lifting a bent knee up, then backwards and extending straight
  • Return to the starting position and alternate legs after each squat.


  • It can help improve squat strength from the bottom of the squat
  • It can help fix a good morning style squat
  • It can help minimize hip shifts and asymmetries
  • It can correct imbalances.

3. Decline Hydrant + Straight Kickback

The expert suggests you perform this exercise for 45 seconds with 3 repetitions.


  • Begin on all fours and lift your right leg to your side at a 90 degree angle. Pause, kick your legs to the side and then lower it to start position. After the first set, repeat but with smaller pulses.
  • Extend the same leg out in line and parallel to the ground, lift it upwards before crossing it over your left leg and bringing it to the side and then lowering it down.
  • Return leg so it’s straight out behind.


4. Crouch to All Fours Hover


  • Get into a plank position, which is basically resting on your fours in a tabletop like manner then stretch out and straighten your legs bringing out a straight diagonal line from your shoulders down to the heel of the feet.
  • In that position, pull your torso back as you lower your knees to an approximate 90 degree but ensure they don’t touch the floor.
  • Maintain that position for two seconds and then return to the starting position and repeat.
  • Do as many reps as you can.


  • It burns calories and helps you lose weight
  • They also lower your chances of injuring your knees and ankle
  • As you exercise, the movement strengthens your tendons, bones, and ligaments around the leg muscles
  • It takes some of the weight off your knees and ankles.

Knee to Ankle Tap Tempo


  • Twist your torso to the side and reach down with your right hand to touch your right ankle.
  • Immediately reach down with your left hand to touch your left ankle.
    Repeat on the right side.
  • Continue this small focused movement and contraction of your core muscles for the duration of the exercise.


  • Knee taps, followed by arm and leg reaches, are deceptively simple moves that work the muscles along your back and your abdominal area.
  • They are a part of Pilates workout to strengthen the core
  • It challenges your coordination and balance and works your whole body
  • This move gets your heart pumping, strengthens the muscles and helps you burn a ton of calories in a short period of time.

Karachiwala suggests tips for the pre-wedding workouts:

  • Practice 2-4 rounds for each exercise
  • No rest in between exercises
  • Relax for 60 seconds rest after each round

The last word

In her Instagram story, Karachiwala grabbed attention to this interesting pre-wedding workout by asking her followers: “Can you guess who else did a similar workout before her big day?” And no, you will not get any prizes for guessing the name right!

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