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Top 9 Best Peacock Nail Art Designs

Peacocks are prettiest and one of the most colourful animals. Peacock feathers are liked by all and because of the vibrant and lively colours look very interesting. These colours are often used in nail art designs and add to the beauty of a woman. Here are some most happening, easy to make, colourful and interesting nail are designed in which peacock feathers and colours are used in various forms.

Beautiful Peacock Nail Art Designs with Images:

The peacock has been given a modern touch here with the dotted effect. Polka dots are in fashion and the combination with peacock colours shows the innovative presentation of the artwork. It is also done very neatly and each colour makes a difference. The glittery outlines add a lot of glow to the nails.

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Depiction of the peacock face and body on the middle finger and its feathers continued on the nails on a nude base is a very new concept. The use of colours is vibrant and well suited for all complexions. Above all, the nail art is very fine and requires a lot of time and effort for such perfect outcome.

Even with the dark base, the peacock feathers have come out really nice. The small nails are an added advantage that gives a fuller look to the simple nail design. In addition, the minimal glitter used for highlighting makes the nails look very bright.

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Silver is every girl’s favourite. The use of peacock feather design with silver is a new twist in this nail art. Black highlights and silver glitter add a nice texture to the overall appearance. This nail art will well suit all length of nails and choice of silver nail paint can be done according to the complexion thus giving a scope of innovation too.

Beautiful Peacock Nail Art Designs 6


This nail art is the closest replica of a real peacock feather. It has been done very sensibly and the choice of colours and the perfect strokes in combination give a realistic look. It also appears bright and lively.

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This nail art is as beautiful as a peacock for real. Art is done in continuation on all the nails making it look even more realistic and natural. Done on a nude base, the colours of the real peacock have come out really well too.

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This looks like a peacock in a funky appearance. This nail art will go well with all kinds and shades of attires and has a very innovative style. Peacock colours have been combined really well that give a fusion of traditional and modern art.

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Long nails look amazing with the blue and green peacock design. The glittery effect makes the design look lively and bright. The traditional feather of the peacock has been very nicely made and the use of colours is also done wisely.

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Evenly cut short nails are covered with the feather design. The orange touch adds liveliness to the art and gives a very bright appearance. On small nails, the artwork needs to be done with a lot of care and attention to give a beautiful appearance.

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This funky modern nail art looks smart. With the design continued from one nail to the other, it makes the overall appearance very casual yet smart and lively. It is easy to make and the choice of colours for the art is also matte finish, but looks very lively.

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