What are dental dams and how to use them during oral sex

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If oral sex is on your mind, you better find out more about dental dams! Remember, safety comes first when it comes to maintaining your health.

When people talk of sex, they often think about vaginal intercourse. Oral sex also counts! Before you laugh it off, read up! Oral sex has been practiced since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Indians are known to have experimented with it between the sheets. As much as oral sex is enjoyable, it is equally precarious for your overall health. Enter dental dams!

Now, when one indulges in oral sex, their mouth comes in direct contact with their partner’s genitals. During the act, body fluids like saliva, vaginal secretions, precum and semen are exchanged between the sexual partners. Sounds overwhelming? Well, there’s a catch! These fluids can be the carriers of various infections.

Many times, people who try oral sex have cuts in their mouth, bleedy gums, ulcers, sore lips or tiny wounds in the oesophagus. These injuries are the sites from where the microbes in bodily fluids of an infected person can enter the other partner. It results in the healthy partner contracting an Sexually Transmissible Infection (STI) like Syphillis, Herpes, HIV and HPV. As you may have understood by now that oral sex is a risky act in which you may be at the risk of contracting deadly oral and genital diseases.

How to practice safe oral sex without risking overall health?

I recommend dental dams to those who can’t keep themselves from having oral sex during their intercourse sessions. Dental dams are square-shaped Latex or Polyurethane membrane that are supposed to be placed over vaginal or anal opening before oral sex. They create a barrier between one’s mouth and their partner’s erogenous zones. As a result, the risk of transmission of deadly disease-causing microbes is reduced.

Once oral sex is done, one must carefully dispose off the dam without touching the side exposed to the erogenous zone. The dam should be used once only after which it must be disposed of carefully.

dental dams
Many couples indulge in oral sex to add some fun between the sheets! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What if dental dams are not available?

There is a chance that your nearest chemist might not have dental dams, but that doesn’t mean you can forgo protection. In such cases, you can use a condom to make a dental dam. All you have to do is cut the upper and lower part of a condom using scissors. Then run the scissor lengthwise along the condom. It will help you to make a square-shaped membrane that resembles a dental dam. In other words, it is a DIY way of making dental dams from condoms.

dental dams
Have fun, but make sure to take care of your sexual health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Precautions to be taken while using dental dams:

Dental dams do not guarantee total safety when used during oral sex. If the dental dam tears, stop the action and carefully dispose of the dam. After that, use another one if needed.
Now, since you have a good idea about dental dams, you’ll agree that these dams can be of assistance. Remember to maintain proper oral hygiene when you’re feeling a little adventurous next time!

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