What is moisture sandwiching and how to do it?

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Moisture sandwiching is not just a buzzing skincare term but the best way to hydrate your parched skin. You need to try it to know it!

If you’re a skincare junkie, you know what we are talking about! Moisturising is the first groundwork for supple skin. So basic, right? And, to take this basic block up by a notch, a new skincare trend has emerged in the beauty world that has outdone everything else. To kill the suspense, this new trend is called ‘moisture sandwiching’ which has already made its place in many beauty gurus’ skincare regimens.

As the name suggests, a skin moisture sandwich is a way to layer the products in the best possible way. Claimed to work miracles on dry and dehydrated skin, this technique of moisturisation focuses on trapping in all the water to keep your skin feeling supple, moisturised and at its best. I tried it and if your interest is piqued too, this technique is a must-try if you have dry skin or are dealing with dry patches due to harsh cold weather.

Use a light-weight moisturiser. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What is moisture sandwiching?

Hold the foodie in you! This technique is all about layering moisturising products in the right order. This, in turn, helps your skin barrier to lock in moisture for a silky appearance. It’s a winner! The moisture sandwiching process involves putting lighter and products with water-like consistency on your damp skin and then layering it with something thicker. This technique results in our skin retaining moisture for a longer time thus, looking smooth and glowing, like a firefly party!

You can achieve radiant skin with moisture sandwiching Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to carry out moisture sandwiching like a pro?

Well, if you’re intrigued just like me and ready to jump on this amazing skincare trend, here’s the right way if moisture sandwiching to achieve best results:

  1. Start by dampening your skin with plain water or a face mist if you’re feeling fancy.
  2. Apply the moisturising product with feathery light consistency. It can be an essence, a water-based serum, hyaluronic acid, or glycerine serum.
  3. Spritz your face again with two pumps of face mist or plain water
  4. Apply a lightweight moisturiser and massage it into your skin.
  5. Spray two more pumps of mist to you face to dampen it.
  6. Apply a facial oil or an oil based serum to finish off the hydrating sandwich.
benefits of Micellar water
Use a hydrating mist to dampen your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The takeaway

I tried this technique and experienced an amazing subtle glow on my skin instantly. It may feel rigorous at first, but sitting with all your skincare supplies helps. This technique has helped me deal with the dryness around my mouth and eyes. My skin has never felt so radiant before. Final say? After keeping up with moisture sandwiching for 15 days, there’s no going back.

It is important to enjoy the process and wait for your skin to get to its best state. If moisturisers don’t do much for your skin during winter, moisture sandwiching can be a stroke of luck for your dry skin.

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