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Where To Buy Moving Boxes At The Best Price

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Where To Buy Moving Boxes At The Best Price

Moving boxes are something that is necessary if you are planning on moving. What no one tells you is that moving boxes won’t appear on your doorstep without you taking the steps to retrieve them.

Moving Boxes

You need to learn where to buy boxes, and more importantly, where to buy cheap moving boxes. Don’t fall into the trap of spending insane amounts of money on boxes when you can get them for a fair price.

Where To Buy Moving Boxes

If you haven’t moved in the last few years, you probably haven’t thought about where those boxes come from. But it is an active move to find moving boxes. You need to find the places to buy boxes and compare prices.

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While there are dozens, if not hundreds, of options. Only a few of them will continue to reign supreme when pricing, variety, and quality are all taken into account. These are some of the best places to buy moving boxes.


The United States Postal Service can sell you boxes or you can get select boxes for free from their store. If you only need a few small boxes, then the USPS is the way to go as you can get some amazing deals.

They will ship a variety set to you for free. But if you want larger boxes, you can still get them, but you’ll have to pay. The best part about their boxes is that you can send them in the mail to the new address.

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If you want a huge selection of boxes tailored to your exact needs, the U-Haul has your back. At U-Haul, they have dozens of choices that can fit anything from a TV to clothing complete with a rod for hanging.

But their best deals are those with multiple boxes in one. There is a nice wardrobe kit but if you want to cover everything, choose the set based on how many bedrooms your new house will be.


It’s no surprise to hear that Amazon has a huge variety of moving boxes available. They have cheap moving boxes in all shapes and sizes because they have everything that you could ask for at their stores.

You can buy single boxes at Amazon, or you can shop smart and buy them in bulk. When bought in bulk, you can pay as little as $2 for a medium box. Many other stores sell their medium boxes for $5 or more.


When you think of Lowe’s, you probably imagine lumber, garden tools, and paint. But Lowe’s has a lot more to offer than that. At Lowe’s you can buy moving boxes to fit anything that you have to move.

What is unique about Lowe’s moving boxes is that they have exceedingly affordable boxes that you can purchase single. Their cheapest box is a dollar at most stores while their most expensive set is over $100.


UPS is more than a delivery service, the company can also provide you with all of the moving supplies that you need. Their moving boxes and their shipping boxes are two separate things. So pay attention to the details.

The only problem is you have to buy the boxes from the store, not online. However, a plus is that they can help you pack your moving boxes. So ask them what other services they offer by calling your local store.

Home Depot

Like Lowe’s, Home Depot has a substantial amount of choices for moving boxes. You can get an insane number of boxes from them for an affordable price, especially when the kits go on sale a few times a year.

The cheapest moving box at Home Depot is also around one dollar. A one-dollar box means anyone can afford to buy boxes from them. But their best deals are over $100 as these are the cheapest per box.



Like Amazon, Walmart has some safe choices for moving boxes. You can buy cheap single moving boxes from them or get sets of around 25. For unique deals, visit your local Walmart or visit them online for bulk deals.

Their shipping is fast as well and you can get a set of 25 boxes in less than a week. Their shipping is free for orders over $35, and if you’re like most people, you need more than $35 in moving boxes.


Staples is an office store and most office stores do indeed have boxes. Their boxes almost always have handles and lids, making them perfect for hard-to-carry items that you want to access easily during the move.

The prices at Staples are a little higher than most other stores where you can buy moving boxes. But the quality of the boxes makes up for it. You won’t find boxes like these at many other stores that sell moving boxes.


The chart at FedEx is informative, letting you know how big each box is, how much it costs, and what will fit in each box. For example, their smallest box will fit two average-sized drinking glasses.

Then their largest will fit an entire bike! Anything in-between can fit into the boxes that FedEx has to offer. The prices range from $1.75 to $40 per box if you don’t have them pack the box for you as well.

Office Depot

Office Depot is another place to buy moving boxes that are sturdy and sound. Their simple boxes are affordable though not the cheapest moving boxes on the list. What they specialize in are odd boxes.

For example, a telescope box or sideloading boxes for things that you don’t want to be tipped over. Check them out before settling if you have something that you believe is too difficult to move in a standard box.

Place Of Work

Finally, we have a little life hack that may help you. If you work at a restaurant, retail store, or anywhere that has regular shipments come in, you can probably snag quite a few free boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Ask your boss or manager for any boxes that will be tossed or recycled. They are usually happy to have someone get rid of them. So it’s a win-win situation. Filter through them and get the ones that you need.

FAQs About Moving Boxes

Now it’s time to get to some quick facts about moving boxes and where to buy them. Today, we have some of the most frequently asked questions about moving boxes. Hopefully, the answers will benefit you.

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Where Can I Buy The Cheapest Moving Boxes?

The cheapest moving boxes are free. So, check with your place of work and USPS. After you get all that you can there, finish up at either Walmart or Amazon, as they have the cheapest bulk boxes that are readily available.

Can I Get Free Moving Boxes?

Yes! Start with the store where you work, then to USPS. From there, there are specialty recycling stores that are always ready to hand out boxes. You will have to find local stores that collect boxes and they are almost always free.

Where Can I Get Other Packing Supplies Near Me?

USPS and FedEx have the best packing supplies. But Amazon, Walmart, and USPS also have affordable packing supplies such as tape and bubble wrap. Buy in bulk to save a lot of money on packing supplies.

What Do I Do With My Old Moving Boxes?

You can pay it forward and ask your friends if any of them need the boxes. If they don’t, then consider contacting that box company that gives away boxes. You will never regret doing your part for the environment.

Can I Hire Someone To Pack Moving Boxes For Me?

Absolutely! FedEx, UPS, and USPS all pack boxes for you. Sometimes, they will do it for free, other times you will have to pay them. If you have a lot to pack then U-Haul is probably your best bet.

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